on borders or the lack thereof

I’m all for dissolving borders. I’m all for the demise of the nation state as we know it. But not the American brand of border dissolution. Or the American way of ignoring sovereign lands and boundaries. It is not unbelievable that Americans have such disrespect for borders, especially in the Middle East. The lack of regard for the human casualties as a result of their cancerous war spreading across the borders of Pakistan and now Syria coupled with the lack of international outrage is beyond disturbing. There was amateur footage taken of the American attack on civilians in Syria the other day, which Al Jazeera aired last night:

The National reported that this military raid was conducted by the CIA:

”A CIA-led raid on a compound in eastern Syria killed an al Qa’eda in Iraq commander who oversaw the smuggling into Iraq of foreign fighters whose attacks claimed thousands of Iraqi and American lives, three US officials said Monday.

“The body of Badran Turki Hishan al Mazidih, an Iraqi national who used the norm de guerre Abu Ghadiya, was flown out of Syria on a US helicopter at the end of the operation Sunday by CIA paramilitary officers and special forces, one US official said.

“ ‘It was a successful operation,’ a second US official told McClatchy. ‘The bottom line: This was a significant blow to the foreign fighter pipeline between Syria and Iraq.’

Meanwhile, as a result of the last month of attacks on villages in Pakistan there is a new population of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Pakistan. As is often the case it is the poorest people who are subjected to displacement and strife as a result of illegal, unwarranted U.S. terrorist aggression:

Meanwhile, there are thousands of Afghan IDPs and refugees as a result of the American aggression against Afghanistan:

Hundreds, if not thousands, of families in volatile areas have experienced similar hardship over the past three years. At the same time the access of aid agencies has been restricted by insecurity.

“Those who have had to flee violence, intimidation and conflict across Afghanistan, and who are estimated to number in the tens of thousands, have not been properly profiled in terms of determining who they are, where they are from, and what their immediate protection and assistance needs are,” Ingrid Macdonald, protection and advocacy manager of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Kabul, told IRIN.

Currently there are about 235,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) officially recognised by a joint task group of aid agencies and the government. But this figure does not include people displaced by conflict since 2006, according to a 28 October report by the NRC’s Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC).

Over one million people were internally displaced in 2002. Most of these have returned to their homes but 185,000 still live in camps in the south, west and southwest of the country, the report said.

There are national borders that get violated. And there are also internal borders that get violated. In Palestine both forms of violation are operational every day. For instance, Jonathan Cook reports that a Palestinian woman who lives in 1948 Palestine is forbidden to visit her father’s grave even though it is a mere 10 km from her home:

Salwa Salam Qupty clutches a fading sepia photograph of a young Palestinian man wearing a traditional white headscarf. It is the sole memento that survives of her father, killed by a Jewish militia during the 1948 war that established Israel.

“He was killed 60 years ago as he was travelling to work,” she said, struggling to hold back the tears. “My mother was four months pregnant with me at the time. This photograph is the closest I’ve ever got to him.”

Six decades on from his death, she has never been allowed to visit his grave in Galilee and lay a wreath for the father she never met.

This month, after more than 10 years of requests to the Israeli authorities, she learnt that officials are unlikely ever to grant such a visit, even though Mrs Qupty is an Israeli citizen and lives only a few miles from the cemetery.

Government sources said allowing the visit risks encouraging hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees to claim a right to return to the villages from which they were expelled in 1948.

These are the sorts of borders that should not exist. That are artificial. That at the very least should return to their pre-1948 borders if any. The Israeli Terrorist Forces (ITF) have a total disregard for borders and the Americans have been a quick study in following their practices. The ITF breaks all kinds of borders and boundaries every day, including those of private homes:

Israeli soldiers kidnapped on Monday two Palestinian youth at a roadblock the army installed at the southern entrance of the northern West Bank city of Jenin. The army also invaded several areas in Jenin and broke into dozens of homes.

The ITF gets away with this, just like the Americans, because the are either silent about the truth of their practices or they lie about their practices. Consider their policy of shooting to kill, which we witnessed again last week in Ramallah:

Israeli soldiers shot and killed three young Palestinians in the Ramallah district of the central West Bank last week. The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) claimed the Palestinians were about to throw Molotov cocktails at soldiers and settlers in the Bet El settlement.

But the circumstances in which the young men were shot, whether they actually did throw or attempt to throw firebombs, and if they actually threatened the lives of any soldiers or settlers, has been questioned.

IPS visited the area where two of the killings took place in the Palestinian refugee camp Jelazon, north of Ramallah. The families of the deceased gave a completely different version of events to that of the IDF, and accused the Israelis of premeditated murder.

Such policies are not only used by the ITF, but also in collusion with illegal Israeli settlers who behave like terrorists every bit as much as their military counterparts:

For many Palestinians, the fall harvest of some 10 million trees used to be a joyful ritual steeped in tradition. But the West Bank’s olive groves have increasingly become a target of extremist Jewish settlers who, hilltop by hilltop, seek to expand their control over land they say they were promised by God.

Just in the first two weeks of this season, farmers say, assailants beat a 63-year-old olive picker, slashed another man’s car tires, tried to chase Palestinians out of several groves and stole or damaged some of the crop. In one incident captured on video, four settlers punched and kicked a Palestinian photographer and a foreign activist in an olive grove.

Compounding the farmers’ problems, more trees are harder to reach because they lie beyond Israel’s lengthening West Bank separation barrier or close to Jewish settlements and their multiplying satellite camps.

Meanwhile, in the midst of this daily, terrorist aggression Israeli President Shimon Peres seems to be hallucinating as he remarked yesterday:

Israel is closer than ever to peace, President Shimon Peres said during a speech given at an event to mark the 10th anniversary of the Shimon Peres Center for Peace.

Okay, but there is good news to report today: rafiqa Souna Al Ra’ey was released from prison by the Israeli Terrorist Colonist Authorities:

Israeli Prison Authorities released on Monday Souna Al Ra’ey,40, after twelve years in detention after she carried an attack against Israeli soldiers at the Allenby Bridge, in retaliation to the death of her brother who was killed by Israeli soldiers in an Israeli detention camp.

And…one more prisoner has been given a bit of a reprieve:

Troy Davis just received a stay of execution!!!!! This stay, issued at the federal level, MAY pave the way for all the new evidence of his innocence to finally be heard in court – that is not a given – his defense team still has a lot of work to do, but this is good for now. Baby Steps!!!!!! The stay calls for his team to have a report to support their claim that would require a re-examination of the evidence to be written within 15 days, then the prosecution has 10 days to respond, so we are looking at a minimum of a 3 week stay. So, for now, we can breath a little easier.


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