snapshots from palestine

view from my apartment at sunset
view from my apartment at sunset
This is why I love the rain. This is a view from my apartment last night after the rain stopped. It’s hard to see, but that is the Mediterranean Sea in the background. I’m told it’s a straight shot of 30 minutes down a road, when those roads are not occupied by foreign occupiers.

Huwara checkpoint's "humanitarian post" That was yesterday. The beauty of this place. Today, leaving Nablus for the weekend, I had to drive through the ugly part: the checkpoints, the illegal Israeli settlements, the foreign Zionist occupiers and their terrorist soldiers. Huwara checkpoint was crowded as usual as I left when school was over along with so many students as well as other people leaving the city. The women’s line was packed with a few hundred people. There were a number of women standing near me holding infant children in their arms. At one point the Israeli Terrorist Soldiers (ITF) decided that they didn’t want us waiting up to a particular point and they pushed us all back (we were already shoulder-to-shoulder) and smashed our bodies against each other attempting to move a line back that was almost impossible to push back given the number of people and how tight it was packed. Of course, no thought was given to these babies and what would happen to them. They just arbitrarily decide the line must begin further back and so they aggressively push us back.

Qalandia checkpoint
Qalandia checkpoint
There were many checkpoints I crossed tonight to get to Deheishe refugee camp in Beit Lahem. Qalandia was packed, too. And way too many illegal Israeli settlements, like the one below.

illegal Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem
illegal Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem
I spent too much time hanging out with friends and having fun tonight so I’m too tired to comment on the news of the day, but some must read items from here and near are:

Israeli military bulldozers destroyed houses in two West Bank communities on Wednesday and Thursday, leaving approximately 130 Palestinians homeless, United Nations (UN) sources told Ma’an.

In the village of Umm Al-Kher, south of the city of Hebron, Israeli bulldozers, accompanied by some 60 soldiers destroyed Palestinian homes near the Karmel settlement. Workers employed by the Israeli military removed the furniture from the structures before the demolitions. As a result, 95 people were left homeless, including a woman who had recently given birth.

Muslim authorities expressed outrage on Thursday after the Israeli High Court gave the go-ahead for the construction of a Museum of Tolerance on the site of a Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem.

The Israeli military is “making preparations” for a strike against Hizbullah that “appears inevitable” and will be “decisive,” a former top Israeli diplomat has written in a report for a US-based think tank with strong links to America’s Jewish lobby. Oded Eran, Israel’s former ambassador to the European Union and now director of the Institute for Security Studies in Tel Aviv, published a report for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) entitled “UN Resolution 1701: A view from Israel.”

The Israeli military seized 15 students from the Palestine Technical College in the West Bank town of Al-Arrub, north of Hebron, after opening fire on the campus on Thursday morning, witnesses told Ma’an. The public relations officer of the college, Abed Al-Men’em Zahdah told Ma’an that “at least 15 students were arrested from the college and the agricultural school.”

He added that the Israeli soldiers assaulted several students and faculty, including 43-year-old Dean of Students Issa Al-A’mlah and 22-year-old employee Mohammad Az-Zaghareet. Israeli troops also searched the lecture halls, damaging furniture and the buildings.

Soldiers riding in four Israeli jeeps invaded the college campus firing live ammunition and stun grenades, witnesses said. Twenty students from the adjacent agricultural school, and two from the technical school, were seized and taken outside the university. Fifteen were ultimately arrested and the rest released.


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