cnn illuminating the zionist attempt to dupe americans

AMAZING! someone at cnn seems to get it. i haven’t seen cnn or rick sanchez in a long time, but i recall thinking he was a neocon. perhaps he is. but these two videos must be watched. the first one, yet another bulls*&^ ad hominem attack on rashid khalidi by a john mccain’s supporter. (notice, by the way, that NONE of these people talking about or demonizing khalidi have ever read any of his books or research. if they had their claims would never stand up.) the second sanchez illustrates beautifully how these zionists attempt to delude americans into thinking anti-israel criticism = anti-semitism. this is the logic for this nimrod sanchez interviews when he attempts to make the bulls*&^ claim that reverend jeremiah wright is anti-semitic. then watch the final video about the so-called zion-nut simon wiesenthal center “museum of tolerance” (a complete oxymoron: if you have ever been to it you’ll know what i mean–it’s a great example of jewish supremacy if anything) trying to build one of its museums here in palestine over a muslim cemetery. now that’s israeli tolerance (another oxymoron) for you.

also: for people unfamiliar with khalidi’s work read kabobfest’s post on this yesterday.


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