it’s official: obama selects a terrorist as his white house chief of staff

british poster for wanted irgun terrorists
british poster for wanted irgun terrorists
unbelievable. or maybe not. i spent the whole day explaining why obama would be disastrous for palestine to palestinians–in arabic i might add (i think my language skills improved exponentially today). and just a few hours later there is evidence to support this claim from the israeli media (and i am told that emanuel has accepted as per msnbc television). rahm emanuel, a man who served in the israeli terrorist forces, and who is a dual citizen of the u.s. and the zionist state has been tapped as the white house chief of staff:

US president-elect Barack Obama has offered Illinois Democratic Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the son of an Israeli immigrant and an American Jew, the crucial position of White House chief of staff, ABC News reported Wednesday.

Chicago-born Emanuel, 49, served in the Israel Defense Forces and even speaks a little Hebrew. His father, Benjamin, is an Israeli-born doctor. His mother, Martha, is an American Jew who works for a Chicago civil rights organization.

notice how the map in the backround includes palestine & jordan
irgun crest: notice how the map in the backround includes palestine & jordan

emanuel served under the clinton administration (does this sound like change?). but not only is emanuel a former white house adviser, and a terrorist who served in the itf. he also is the son of a terrorist–by british standards as he served in irgun with menachem begin (recall begin was wanted as a terrorist by the british for bombing the british headquarters of the king david hotel–wanted poster above). or just check out their own crest showing a map in the background that includes all of palestine and jordan.

All are the sons of an Israeli father, now a 70-year-old Chicago pediatrician, who passed secret codes for Menachem Begin’s underground Irgun, and an American Jewish mother, who worked in the civil rights movement and owned, briefly, a Chicago rock-and-roll club.

and here is a bit on rahm’s adventures in exercising his dual citizenship–he’s israeli and american apparently–as serving in the itf:

First, as is often pointed out, Emanuel’s physician father was an Israeli émigré; but, according to Leon Hadar, he also worked during the 1940s with the notorious Irgun, which was labeled as a terrorist organization by the British authorities. Perhaps Rahm’s current interest in terrorism was first kindled at his father’s Irgun knee.

Second, during the 1991 Gulf War, Emanuel was a civilian volunteer in Israel, “rust-proofing brakes on an army base in northern Israel.” (Wikipedia, New Republic). This is peculiar on two counts. Here the U.S. goes to war with Iraq, but Emanuel, a U.S. citizen, volunteers not for his country, but for Israel. Moreover, here is a well-connected Illinois political figure with a father who had been in the Irgun, but he is assigned to “rust-proof brakes” on “an army base.” Maybe.

here is more background on the irgun terrorist organization that emanuel’s father participated in:

The two major Jewish terror organizations in pre-independence Palestine were the Irgun Zvai Leumi—National Military Organization, NMO, also known by the Hebrew letters Etzel—founded in 1937, and the Lohamei Herut Israel, Fighters for the Freedom of Israel, Lehi in the Hebrew acronym, also known as the Stern Gang after its leader Avraham Stern, known as Yair, founded in 1940.

The Irgun was led by Menachem Begin, the future Israeli prime minister who was a leading proponent of Revisionist Zionism, the militant branch of Zionism pioneered by Vladimir Zeev Jabotinsky, which openly despised the Arabs and sought restoration of what it called Eretz Yisrael, the ancient land of Israel. By this was meant “both sides of the Jordan,” the Irgun slogan meaning all of Palestine and Jordan was the rightful home of the Jews.

Another belief of Begin’s was that of the “fighting Jew,” a romanticized idea expressed in Jabotinsky’s old Betar movement song of “we shall create, with sweat and blood, a race of men, strong, brave and cruel.” Israeli scholar Avishai Margalit translated the verse as “proud, generous and cruel,” adding: “Many are still waiting for the generous part to emerge.”

The Irgun was the dominant Jewish terrorist organization, both in size and the number and frequency of its attacks.
Its most spectacular feat up to this time had been the July 22, 1946 blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, with the killing of 91 people—41 Arabs, 28 British and 17 Jews. Mainstream Zionists despised Begin and his Revisionists, although there was cooperation between the two on military matters. Ben-Gurion, the leader of mainstream Zionism, fought throughout his premiership with Begin.

this is what we can look forward to: an administration that continues american/israeli terrorism in the arab and muslim world. sound like change? i think not.


3 thoughts on “it’s official: obama selects a terrorist as his white house chief of staff

  1. right, because his father fought for what he believed in, by extension his son is a terrorist.

    a terrorist who is a house democrat, whose never passed a single page of legislation relating not to Israel, not to the middle east, hell, he’s never even mentioned foreign affairs.

    my lord people can be just so insanely ignorant it’s terrifying.

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