voting and invading

so there is a result now in the u.s. too. i find it so sad that americans being interviewed seem to think that somehow this means we’ve moved past racism. if the election itself is any indication of the state of racism in society this is far from true. now older americans will be reminded of–and young americans will see for the first time–what happens when a political figure is beholden to the various lobbies and political pressure groups that make them sell their souls to the devil. one of those devils is, of course, the zionist state. but there are many others and we will see how quickly obama buckles under the pressures of white american racism in political power. how will political prisoners like mumia abu jamal, or other victims of the prison industrial compelx, fare under obama?

on another note, while americans were busy voting, israelis were busy invading. under the cover of night israeli terrorist forces attacked the people of gaza with live war, breaking a truce yet againa:

As the Israeli army continues its invasion to the Gaza Strip, two more Palestinians fighters were killed and several residents were wounded during armed clashes with Israel forces invading Al Qarara area, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Resistance groups in Gaza vowed retaliation.

One of the slain fighters was identified as Ammar Al Salihy, while the other fighter remained unidentified until the time of this report.

Earlier on Tuesday at night, Israeli soldiers killed four fighters in Al Qarara after firing a missile at them. The four were identified as Mahmoud Ba’lousha, 23, Omar Al Alamy, 21, Mohammad Awad, 26, and Wajid Moharib, 25.

Also, a leader of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, was killed on Tuesday evening in Juhr Ad Deek area, east of Dir Al Balah, in the central Gaza Strip. The fighter was identified as Mazin Sa’da, 30. Six other fighters were wounded after the army fired tank shells at agricultural areas. All wounded fighters were moved to the Al Aqsa Martyrs hospital in Dir Al Balah.

Meanwhile, Israeli sources reported that one soldiers was mildly wounded during clashes with resistance fighters east of Dir Al Balah.

Furthermore, Israeli tanks were noticed moving towards Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

An Israeli military spokesperson claimed that the invasion was carried out after the army received intelligence info stating that fighters in Gaza are planning to abduct an Israeli soldier in the coming period.

The spokesperson added that the fighters planed to use a tunnel in carrying the abduction and that they had to detonate the tunnel which was, according to the spokesperson, dug under one of the buildings.

He added that the fighters had to detonate the tunnel after the army surrounded the building that had the tunnel entrance underneath it.

He also said that this invasion “has a certain target and does not aim at violating the truce”.

The Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, called on its fighters to remain alert and ready to clash with the invading forces. The Al Qassam Brigades issued similar calls and said that it will retaliate and clash with any invading forces.

look for a president barack obama to be supporting such acts of terrorism financially, morally, and politically some time very soon.

ps: starbucks apparently bribed voters with coffee (reminder: whether it’s free or not it’s still on the boycott list) and by the way they’re not happy about these stories. why should we boycott it? maybe to keep the zionists from expanding its illegal settlements in occupied golan? maybe to keep the zionists from giving cluster bombs to countries like georgia so it can use them in ways the zionists did in south lebanon?


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