this is what apartheid looks like

and this is what president-elect barack obama is choosing to support with his selection of rahm israel emanuel as white house chief of staff. maybe if obama chose to come to khalil (hebron) instead of sderot he might understand the ways in which emanuel stands for racism, apartheid, colonialism, terrorism. this clip is from al jazeera earlier today:

and for readers who think only an end to racism in america matters a reminder of how this campaign fomented more racism rather than creating some oxymoron called postracism:

As celebrations of Barack Obama’s historic victory broke out across the United States, a group of hooded white men brutally attacked a young black-Muslim immigrant while shouting “Obama,” press reported Friday.

Liberian immigrant Ali Kamara, 17, said he was on his way home on the Nov. 4 Election Night when four white men jumped out of a car and began beating him with baseball bats near his Staten Island home, ABC News reported.

“I see the car coming. They looked at me and said, ‘Obama!’ They were not happy. They had hoodies on. They started hitting me with bats and my body started vibrating,” the young high school student was quoted by several U.S. media outlets as saying.

“I was bleeding all over. I did not know them,” the teen said. “I think it was a racist crime,” Kamara said, adding he has had to have several stitches to close a severe wound in his head.

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