“economics” before peace

the zionist state according to netanyahu
the zionist state according to netanyahu
a new article on the israeli news website ynet talks about the ways in which benjamin netanyahu has coopted the design of barack obama’s website for his election campaign. but that is not what i find most striking about the article. it’s the image on the netanyahu’s website, the one i’ve posted here, which is supposed to be of the state of israel. for those in the know: this includes ALL of historical palestine. and people wonder why there are those of us out there who think that israeli leaders are full of s*** when they tell the u.s. that they want to talk about peace? but fear not: netanyahu has stated he doesn’t want to talk about peace, he wants to talk about economics:

“Netanyahu does not want to halt talks, but he believes it’s premature to talk about a final peace deal, and sharing control of Jerusalem is out of the question,” Libster said.

Instead, he thinks talks with the Palestinians should focus on developing their economy, with political matters to be discussed only after economic conditions on the ground improve. “Economic peace has to come first,” she said.

hint: economics here is code for further infestation of israeli products thrust upon palestinians. in other words, continue to force palestinians to buy products that in essence help to pay for the bullets that kill them, the bulldozers that destroy their homes and uproots their olive trees, that builds the apartheid wall. you get the picture.

one word: BOYCOTT!


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