Israel’s Internal Politics and the Crisis in Gaza

Last night I was on Iran’s Press TV’s Middle East Today to discuss “Israel’s Internal Politics and the Crisis in Gaza” (a bit different than what I was told we would be talking about–I was expecting to discuss the recent U.S. election in relation to what is happening here not the Zionist state’s upcoming election). At least this time it was two against one as Press TV only invited one straw man, Kenneth Katzman, who seems to be under the misguided impression that only Israelis are innocent civilians. Norman Finkelstein was on, too, and it was quite entertaining to listen to Norman attacking this whack job. Particularly hilarious is Katzman’s inability to answer Norman’s question about whether or not he read the Vanity Fair article on the U.S./Israeli interventions in their divide and rule policies here. As was Katzman’s robot-like inability to seem to be able to say anything other than “Hamas is a terrorist organization.” You can click on the link above if you want to watch it.


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