support under the olive tree

from my dear friend laith…


CKUT 90.3FM Fall Funding Drive, November 13 – 23, 2008.

CKUT 90.3 FM will be hosting its 2008 Fall Funding Drive from November 13-23, 2008!

On behalf of the volunteer hosts and programmers of CKUT’s Under the Olive Tree, I ask you to support CKUT.

Why does CKUT deserve your support?

CKUT was the driving force behind “Radio Free Palestine”, an 18 hour live broadcast commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba in May 2008 ( This historic programing joined 10s of radio stations in Canada, the USA, the UK and Palestine, enabling them to highlight the various forms of suffering, resistance and accomplishments of the Palestinian people in the past 60 years. CKUT runs an exchange program with the International Middle East Media Center ( in Occupied Palestine, sending dozens of volunteers over the past 2 years to help and train at the center. CKUT to highlight has been an important figure on Montreal’s arts and culture scene for over 20 years. CKUT has received many awards and recognitions for programming excellence, and we pride ourselves on covering culture, news, and music that you won’t hear anywhere else. CKUT has always offered a unique listening experience to our audience and excellent learning opportunities to students and the greater Montreal community. We are truly a grassroots radio station: our programming is created entirely by volunteers, and supported by the community. By supporting CKUT, you are securing a spot on the FM dial that truly represents the wonderfully creative and diverse city of Montreal.

Why does CKUT need your donations?

CKUT receives no corporate funding and can only sell limited community-based advertising (a license requirement). On one hand, this removes commercial restraints on programming and keeps the station accessible. However, it also means that we must find alternative means of financing our operations, be it for the rent for our building and broadcast tower, equipment repairs, or the salaries of our staff, work-study students, and interns. All this adds up – it costs 50 dollars an hour to run CKUT! Why not pledge $50 and pay for one hour of running the station. This year we will be focusing our funds on a revamped website and a new in-studio phone system that will make conference calling and listener interaction easy.

How do I make my pledge?

It’s easy to make your pledge online using our secure pledge form at, where you can also browse our donor gifts (CDs, bags, t-shirts and grand prizes). You can also call our Funding Drive hotline between November 13-23 at +1.514.907.9424.

Thank you very much for your support.

Yours sincerely,

CKUT 90.3FM 2008 Fall Funding Drive Pledge Form

Mail or visit:
3647 University Street
Montreal, QC. H3A 2B3

or call our Funding Drive Coordinator, Juliet, at+1.514.448.4041 x 8991.

Address: __________________________
Email: ______________________________

Suggested Amounts:
[ ] $25 (gets you 1 CD)
[ ] $50 (gets you 2 CDs)
[ ] $75 (3 CDs and a CKUT t-shirt or bag)
[ ] $90.3 (gets you 4 CDs and a CKUT t-shirt or bag)
[ ] $___________ Choose your own amount.

Visit for donor gift and grand prize details.

Payment: [ ] Cash [ ] Cheque [ ] Visa [ ] Mastercard

Name on Card: ___________________
Card#: ____________________________


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