violence is spreading

here is the better youtube clip from al jazeera about the illegal israeli settler violence directed at palestinians:

and the violence is spreading. it’s not at all contained. a friend told me tonight that illegal isreaeli settlers in beit el–near nablus were on a rampage as well. here is what s/he said:

Today settlers near Bet El / DCO checkpoint totally jumped on and threw rocks at Palestinian plated cars and diplomatic plated cars, and in Hebron it was bad too, I hear. All over the West Bank settler violence has been flaring up. Our yellow-plated vehicle was behind a diplomatic plated vehicle at the DCO/Bet El checkpoint, and our driver and a staff member witnessed the attack, and feared for their lives that they would be next, but I am sure our yellow license plates saved us.

fyi: yellow plates = israeli, green and white = palestinian, but palestinians who live in al quds, and of course in 1948, have yellow plates.

is this not terrorism?


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