save the al aqaba kindergarten

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is proud to work with the Rebuilding Alliance to bring 15,000 signatures to Congress in February to save the Kindergarten of Al Aqaba and its village from demolition.

From the Rebuilding Alliance:

In 2003, the Rebuilding Alliance helped the Palestinian village of Al Aqaba rebuild its kindergarten following an Israeli High Court of Justice ruling that the Israeli army had to stop dangerous military training in the area.

We thought it was our safest project, but as construction got underway, the Israeli Army issued demolition orders against the kindergarten, now serving 130 students, together with Al Aqaba’s homes, their mosque, and medical center.

The villagers, through their lawyer at the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, continue to petition the Israeli High Court to freeze demolitions. They file requests for building permits though such requests are rejected. Their master plan was rejected by the Israeli Army Civil Administration and they are working to redraw it.

Nearly the whole village is to be destroyed — the bulldozers can come at any time.

We believe senators and representatives, as best friends of Israel are best positioned to intervene on behalf of this village. Their staffers told us they will help, and that they are strengthened in making calls to the Israeli Embassy when a thousand constituents show they care about this issue. We want Senators and Representatives to call the Israeli Embassy and say “I Care About Peace. I Care About Al Aqaba – and a thousand people in my district care too!”

Please sign this petition to say you Care about Peace, and you care about Al Aqaba (it will automatically add your name petitions to both your senators and your representative.) Please forward this campaign to everyone you know because YOU as a constituent can make a difference here, save this Palestinian village, and set a precedent to save 15 others just like it.

here is a video about the village of al aqaba, which is near nablus, and it is also about the kindergarten:


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