50 for 30

so i have been complaining to friends for a while now about the winds here in nablus, specifically at my apartment which is on top of a mountain. in addition to being very chilly, the wind is blaring. i keep wanting to call this wind the khamseen, which literally means the number 50, also means ” a hot southerly wind in egypt” according to my lovely hans-wehr arabic-english dictionary. but since the root of the word means 50 i suspect that it also has something to do with the winds being 50 times stronger than normal winds. in any case, i tape recorded the sound of this wind to share–from inside my apartment–to share with readers what i hear incessantly. the sound is enough to bring me chills even if i sit in front of the little electric or gas heaters. so click on the little link below and enjoy 30 seconds of nabulsi wind!


p.s.: it is only snowing at bodyontheline; it is not snowing in nablus. weather conditions should improve in a few weeks.


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