the wall comes down…and the bombs continue to fall on gaza


i have been watching al jazeera’s hoda ab del hamid report from an area near “sderot,” that zionist settlement on the village of najd near gaza. behind her are a series of tanks preparing for a ground invasion. this is horrifying in and of itself. but what is even more horrific is the fact that the israeli terrorist forces (itf) were singing and dancing behind her while the journalist was giving her report. meanwhile the gaza strip has continued to be besieged all day long. and there does not seem to be any end in sight:

and yet al jazeera continues to give voice to israeli terrorists propagating lies in the midst of the civilian carnage facilitated by american-made materiel:

if you want to understand, very simply, very powerfully what the israeli terrorists mean when they say “hamas terrorist” just check this simple, brief post from angry arab today, who, like the rest of us, is particularly enraged today. as well we should all be.

there was another airstrike by the itf just now. and in the past few hours they besieged the rafah border with aerial bombardment because of the tunnels located there. the essential tunnels bringing much needed basic supplies as well as resistance weapons:

Shells hit Gaza tunnels Sunday evening killing two, injuring 22 and prompting hundreds to race for the new gaps in Egypt’s border wall. Refugees were met with Egyptian security who used force to repel crowds.

The airstrikes damaged the border wall between Egypt and Gaza and at least 40 tunnels, which bring food and fuel into the coastal area. Much of the fuel caught fire during the attacks and large fires broke out along the border.

The chaos provided cover for hundreds of tunnel workers and Rafah residents to attempt an escape from the bombarded Strip.

Early reports say no Palestinians made it over the border wall.

The strikes mark the 36 hour point in the Israeli Operation Cast Lead, which has seen 295 killed and close to 900 injured.

but a few minutes ago i just got an email stating that the wall has come down yet again:

The wall between Gaza and Egypt has been torn down, according to International Human Rights Observers witnessing and documenting the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

British International Solidarity Movement activist, Jenny Linnel, was in Yibnah Camp in Rafah, and confirmed that the Palestinian resistance has torn down the wall that separates Gazan Rafah from Egyptian Rafah.

“They have blown up part of the wall. The Israeli’s bombed the border half an hour ago. Soon after there was a loud explosion and the wall came down. Hundreds have passed through the border,” says Linnel.

“We heard shooting and we have seen an ambulance. We have heard that someone is hurt. People are saying that the Egyptians have been shooting at people crossing the border.”

Human Rights Defenders from various countries are present in Gaza and are witnessing and documenting the current Israeli attacks. Due to Israel’s policy of denying access to the Occupied Gaza Strip for international media, human rights activists and aid agencies, they have arrived in the strip on the Free Gaza Movement’s boats. These voyages have repeatedly broken the Israeli blockade .

meanwhile protests continue here in palestine as does the zionist terrorists’ brutal response as in khalil:

Medical sources reported in Hebron that 20 Palestinian civilians where injured on Sunday during protests in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

The protests where organized against the Israeli continued attacks on Gaza, which started on Saturday morning and so far have left 284 Palestinians killed and at least 900 others injured.

Doctors at the Hebron governmental hospitals told media that the injures where mostly caused by the army rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas.

and in beit lahem:

Two Palestinian civilians where injured, on Sunday when Israeli troops attacked a protest in the village of Al Ma’ssara located near the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem.

The Protest where organized against the Israeli continued attacks on the Gaza Strip. So far 284 Palestinians where killed and at least 900 others injured during the Israeli military continued air attacks on Gaza that started on Saturday morning.

Local sources said that local villagers marched to the nearby military post carrying flags and banners demanding the halt of the Israeli attacks on Gaza, soldiers’ fire rubber bullets at the protester injuring tow civilians, Medical sources said that wounded two sustained light wounds.

and in nil’in and bil’in death, injury, and kidnapping:

Palestinian sources reported that a Palestinian youth was killed and at least four others injured during Israeli army attacks on Palestinian protests organized in several villages near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, to protest the Israeli continued attacks on Gaza….

Arafat Al Khawaja, 22, was reported dead after an Israeli army soldier shot him in the head with a live round. Eyewitnesses told IMEMC that Al Khawaja was taking part in a nonviolent protest in the village of Nil’in near Ramallah, when troops attacked the unarmed civilians leading to clashes with local youth. Medical sources said that another two young men from Nil’in where critically injured in the clashes. Witnesses say that local youth are still involved in clashes with the army in Nil’in.

Meanwhile, in the nearby village of Bil’in, local farmers organized a protest in solidarity with Gaza and were attacked by Israeli troops injuring three local youth. Medical sources said that the three sustained minor wounds. Eyewitnesses report that local youth are continue to clash with the army.

Israeli troops also attacked a protest organized by the villagers of Budrus, also located near Ramallah city today. Sources there reported that during the clashes two local youth were injured in the head by army fire and described their wounds as critical, while a local boy was kidnapped by the army.

but there is some good news today: syria has canceled its talks with the zionist regime. hopefully this position will be made permanent:

A Syrian government official said Sunday that Damascus has decided to suspend its indirect peace talks with Israel, in the wake of the mass offensive Israel launched in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, which left over 280 Palestinians dead and scores more wounded.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said “Israel’s aggression closes all the doors to any move toward a settlement in the region.”

and there is more good news from jordan of all places:

The al-Arabiya network of the United Arab Emirates reported Sunday that three Jordanian members of parliament burned an Israeli flag during a special parliament session protesting the IDF operation in the Gaza Strip.

According to the report, the MPs initially planned to step on the flag, but then decided to set fire to it as some of their colleagues applauded.

Another Jordanian lawmaker held a placard saying the Hashemite Kingdom should expel the Israeli ambassador. The MPs then held a moment of silence I honor of those killed during the Israeli offensive.

and in the streets of baghdad today there were also protests as well as this news from the iraqi (albeit puppet) parliament today:

The Iraqi Parliament on Sunday called on Arab and Muslim countries to “rally ranks” in the face of Israel over the attacks on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

“Arab and Muslim nations have to rally ranks to stand against these criminal acts and immediately end operations to stop the Palestinian bloodshed,” according to a parliamentary statement as received by Aswat al-Iraq.

The statement called for “solving the (Palestinian) issue via peaceful and diplomatic means”.

“The brotherly Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are coming under sinful aggressions by the Zionist occupation army, which left hundreds of Palestinian martyrs and wounded brothers on Saturday,” it added.

Palestinian cities in Gaza came under powerful air strikes on Saturday that left hundreds of civilian people killed or wounded in a measure Israeli authorities said came in response to missile attacks by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on Israeli settlements.

Parliament’s statement further called on the United Nations and Security Council to intervene to stop these violations.

and who is it who most recently fired rockets in response to this overwhelmingly disproportionate killing machine of the zionist-american terrorists? fatah (you know, the one that functions as the puppet for the both of them):

The armed wing of Fatah claimed responsibility for firing two homemade projectiles on Sderot and Ashkelon on Sunday, according to a statement.

“This shelling came in retaliation to the ongoing holocaust in Gaza, which claimed the life of hundreds,” the statement said.

and then the leftist pflp:

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)’s armed wing claimed responsibility for firing five homemade projectiles on the nearby Western Negev and southern Israeli town of Ashkelon on Sunday.

Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades said in a statement that the shelling, which was apparently carried out in partnership with the Al-Aqsa Brigades, was aimed at an Israeli military post in eastern Rafah.

The Brigades affirmed that the projectile was fired “within the continued response to Israeli crimes in Gaza.”

meanwhile in historic 1948 palestine other forms of resistance becoming even more steadfast:

In the presence of all national alliances, an urgent meeting for the Follow up Committee was held today declaring Sunday 28 December 2008 a general strike in protest of the Israeli massacres committed against Palestinians in Gaza. The meeting called for the organization of demonstrations and marches in every Arab town in al-Naqab [Negev], the Triangle, the Galilee areas and coastal towns as a symbol of the rage and severe grief of the Palestinian nation upon the loss of hundreds of its citizens in Gaza.

It was decided that the High Follow Up Committee remains on alert to hold further meetings to take steps in resistance and to stop the consistent aggression and break the siege on Gaza including the opening of all border crossings especially that of Rafah.

The following political message stemmed from the meeting:

* Considering the Israeli aggression against Palestinians in Gaza an assault against Palestinian People everywhere and our duty is to resist it and break the siege.

* Recognizing Israel and its political and security forces as a criminal state committing acts of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity against our people in the Gaza Strip. This with the assurance that the current Israeli parliamentary election campaign is fueled by the Palestinian bloodshed.

* Saluting the determination and will of Palestinian people in the face of the aggressive Israeli scheme to break their steadfastness and human dignity.

* Condemning the international complicity with the official Israeli aggression, and considering its silence and complicity as partnership in the crime. the meeting also stressed the absolute rejection of holding the Palestinian people or the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) responsible for the situation and while exempting Israel from its total responsibility.

* Calling upon the international community to take its legal and moral responsibility, to sanction Israel and boycott it as a state that pursues terrorism, war crimes and crimes against humanity with premeditation.

* Condemning Arab Official complicity used by Israel to cover for its predefined aggression and condemning the general Arab weakness and calling them to shut down their embassies in Israel and boycott it. We call upon Egypt to open all crossings with Gaza and break its siege.

* Condemning the complying Arab and Official political voices which held the Palestinian leadership in Gaza responsible for the Israeli aggression and calling the head of the Palestinian National Authority to immediately stop the negotiations with Israel used to further fuel the Palestinian split in the West Bank and in Gaza.

* Assuring the call for national Palestinian unity and its total support of the Palestinian struggle and resistance in the face of Israeli aggression.

* Paying tribute to the heroic steadfastness of our people and supporters in the Arab world and elsewhere and the masses in the homeland that stood in the face of the bloody aggression and supported the steadfastness in Gaza.

* Calling on the masses of our people to exercise the highest degree of readiness to contribute, on individual and collective levels, in the national relief campaign, which includes the donation of medical supplies, food and blood donation in support of Gaza and in contribution to the breaking of the siege.

* Calling on the masses of our people and supporters in the world to share the worry and to have more readiness to escalate the struggle in order to defeat the Israeli aggression and provide protection for our heroic Palestinian nation.

The Higher Follow Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel is the highest representative body of the 1.5 million Palestinian citizens of Israel. It includes all Palestinian members of the Israeli Knesset (parliament) as well as elected mayors and local officials.

don’t leave palestinians resisting in the cold. rise up as sayyed hassan nasrallah is urging the people of egypt and the arab world to do now. as palestinians in 1948 are asking you to do now. to ask their governments to take an honorable position and to resist those governments that are draconian. the world must heed this call. we must do this because as nasrallah speaks 9 more bombs just fell on gaza. now there are 292 dead palestinian martyrs. we must use this for a global intifada. use this moment to rise up and resist.


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