the faces of so-called terrorists

of course, we know the real terrorists are those bombing incessantly over gaza, deliberately slaughtering palestinians locked in the gaza prison. as much as i hate it when al jazeera justifies the israeli terrorist forces i think that as long as imran garda is doing the questioning it might be okay (and i say might because i don’t think one of those terrorists should ever be given a platform). in any case, watch this and see how beautifully garda catches the zionist terrorist in his web of lies, especially in relation to the school children the israeli terrorists murdered because they are so-called hamas terrorists:

to get an idea of these children–just a small fraction of whom we have photographs of–who have suffered here are a few photographs. i want to be clear that for me personally every single man, woman, and child who is the victim of this zionist terrorist colonial regime is equally important, equally valuable. but i post these pictures for the american readers who often only seem to feel sympathy when they see images of animals in pain (sorry, can’t find any right now) and often times you can get them to feel sympathy if there are images of children. but the real reason for posting these pictures here is because i have spent the last two days hearing venom coming from israeli and american terrorists who think that it is enough to call for “restraint” or to say that the zionist terrorists with their american weapons are only targeting hamas. they are smoking huge doses of crack cocaine. to see more photographs check haitham sabbah’s post on palestine think tank today.








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