more images from gaza

here is footage of the free gaza ship arriving in sur, lebanon. there are testimonies from people on board, including an al jazeera journalist. you will also be subject to lies from an israeli terrorist who says that the boat crashed into them not that the israeli terrorists rammed the ship. see for yourself:

here you can watch a report on the israeli terrorist carnage from the last day. you will see the two dead girls from beit hanoun. the chaotic scene at hospitals. but you will also here some strange things from this journalist such as her interview with abu raed in gaza city who says he is “leaving” his house: where exactly is he going? nowhere. he can’t go anywhere because of the 18 month siege that continues unabated. she also chooses to use united nations statistics that only 60 palestinians have died when even cnn is reporting 375 have died (reliefweb is reporting 360).

meanwhile it seems that israeli terrorists have been active here, too, in al quds, in nablus. in al quds they kidnapped over 200 youth. they did invade nablus, though that is nothing new. even still it cannot compare the trauma palestinians in gaza are being subjected to as mohammed dawwa explains his children’s fear of going outside:

You can tell those moving about Gaza City by the mattresses on the car roofs. The streets are mostly deserted but some people are shifting from one house to another, trying to guess where the bombs might land and put distance between themselves and possible targets. Others are heading to the bakeries where there are long queues for bread. There is wreckage everywhere.

On Sunday night, we were told that the Red Cross had issued a warning that the Al Kinz mosque next to our building was likely to be destroyed. My wife and four of the kids went in the lift but many others went down the stairs because they were frightened about getting stuck, given that there was no power and the elevator was operating off a generator. There were about 100 of us gathered outside in the yard and we could hear continual explosions.

I drove in convoy with my brother-in-law to his father’s place. It was eerie, completely dark except for the headlights of our two cars. We drove the wrong way down one way streets to avoid going near a the Palestinian Legislative Council Building, in case the Israeli planes had it on their radar.

This is daily life in Gaza now. It was tough before but, believe me, it’s a lot worse now.

I ventured back this morning. My neighbours were moving out. I went to my apartment and opened every window so they wouldn’t shatter during the explosions that show no sign of stopping. I opened all the doors bar the front one, put the television on the floor and left. People have been receiving warning messages on their mobiles. One of these was sent to my 18-year-old daughter Yasmin. It said in words to the effect of “This is the Ministry of Defence. If you have any weapons or wanted people in your house, evacuate the place. There will be no exceptions. We will expand our operations.”

My nine-year-old son Ibrahim has been crying and shaking ever since the first bombardment on Saturday. His brothers are happy to play in the yard but he doesn’t want to leave the house. He stays close to his mum all the time. And when I went out to get some food he says: “Please baba, don’t go”.

are palestinians going to have to wait for 30 more days, like leabanese did two years ago, before the world does something? can anyone honestly tell me that if jews died in such a brutal way in the last 4 days that the world would not have joined together to bomb the offender back to the stone age? where is the world? angry arab posted this yesterday which i find quite interesting by way of comparison:

Michele sent me this: “In an effort to help Americans get a sense of the death & destruction in Gaza, I came up with the following figures yesterday.”

Gaza pop = 1,387,276 and .02% is 277

Israel pop is 7,337,000 and .02% is 1,467

US pop is 305,505,444 and .02% is 61,011

I’ve double checked my figures and believe they are correct…for yesterday. Can you imagine how we Americans would react and feel if 61,011 Americans had died in the last 3 days from bombs?”

do we really have to ask what americans would do if 61,011 americans died in a massacre?


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