6 days of israeli terrorism in gaza

sherne tadros reporting on al jazeera live from gaza. on gazans struggling to survive. on the trauma they suffer as a result of six full days of intense israeli terrorism day in and day out. this is what it looks like. watch your tax dollars at work americans. watch your complicit silence at work everyone else, including americans:

and here is another excellent news clip from al jazeera where you can watch israeli terrorists caught in their web of lies through hoda abdel-hamid’s journalistic acumen:

meanwhile the number of martyrs has gone up to 417.
another day of israeli terrorism in which they attacked such “terrorist” strongholds like the ministry of justice and the ministry of education. it appears that there as a limited ground invasion today, though commentators expect it to come tomorrow. apparently the israeli terrorists were waiting for a change in the weather. now i’m praying for rain if that would stop the rain of bombs. israeli terrorists continue their web of lies saying they are after hamas and yet again who fired rockets today? fatah and dflp. israeli terrorists’ partners for so-called “peace” and leftists: these are people who also resist as is their right. oh, and if you really want to understand the psyche of israeli terrorists, look at what they call “fun”:

Israeli soldiers hurled tear gas canisters at a Palestinian house in Hebron on Wednesday evening near the illegal Israeli Kiryat Arba settlement in the southern West Bank.

Several members of one family suffered from teargas inhalation, said Farid Ar-Razim, who lives in the home targeted by soldiers, told Ma’an over the phone from the scene of the attacks.

According to Ar-Razim the soldiers threw the canisters at the home entirely unprovoked, most likely to “amuse themselves.” The vehicle from which the soldiers threw the canisters is permanently stationed near the fence between his house and the nearby Israeli settlement.


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