softening the terrain for more israeli terrorism in gaza

under the bombs gazans return home as the rafah border crossing is briefly opened this morning. while foreigners leave (albeit most of these foreigners are palestinians with dual citizenship or foreigners married to palestinians) others are returning to the zone of massacre, the zone of israeli terrorism to be reunited with family, with loved ones, with neighbors–something that has been forbidden to some of these gazans for 6 years as amr el kahky reports for al jazeera:

meanwhile those of us in the west bank are under closure for 84 hours and cannot travel:

The West Bank will be closed for 84 hours and Israeli police are on “high alert” as Israel moves into its seventh day of Operation Cast Lead.

The decisions were announced by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak after a meeting with Israeli security officials Friday morning.

The measures will prevent Palestinians with either a Jeruslaem or Palestinian ID from travelling into Jerusalem.

in other words, we are all in prison. meanwhile 50 sites have been bombed across gaza this morning. another mosque was bombed this morning in jabaliya refugee camp. and so we wait, still, for the ground invasion.

what i want to know is this: what does it mean to “soften the terrain”? why are journalists all using this phrase to discuss what the israeli terrorists are waiting for to begin terrorizing from land, sea, and sky?

420 martyrs, more than 2,100 injured. but i know, this falls on deaf ears.


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