teetering between despair and hope

it is going to be a long night. i should be grading papers right now, but i cannot. i can’t stop watching the massacre live on television. al jazeera’s coverage has been non-stop and it has been great, in spite of putting lying israeli terrorists trying to push their propaganda on (by the way americans can watch al jazeera english on this website and you can download livestation and watch it that way as well). fortunately, their news presenters are all competent enough to put them in their proper place and rip them new assholes each time they appear. i keep thinking about why i feel so demoralized and i realized that while this is business as usual for israeli terrorists who have been behaving like this for over sixty years, their other massacres have never been on live television. the massacres of an nakba was not on live television. so to see and know that it is on live tv, that many excellent reports are being published, that millions of people the world over are protesting and yet no one does anything to stop the carnage is utterly demoralizing.

the night sky over gaza is utterly dark–no electricity and yet some of the bombing and firing that is going on now makes it light up in shades of orange that make it look like a sunset before you see the fire and realize where the orange is coming from. phone lines are down now. israeli terrorists hit the telecommunications system. no more talking to friends. no way to know how they are doing. so now i’m trying to find new ways. jillian wrote a piece about using twitter to figure out what is going on in gaza, which i found far to tech-savvy for me to understand, but she was kind enough to help me out with some tips and now i’m using it to get updates. i still don’t quite understand twitter, but i’m learning. there is also a new website called “gaza siege” that has resources and updates on it.

i was chatting with rami earlier and he, like as’ad, seem to think that the july war 2006 was a turning point. rami thinks that the isolation of palestinians will only make palestinians stronger. that being alone will stop this fatah-esque constant appealing to the white man for approval and emancipation and instead it will be taken by the people. i kept saying i want someone to stop this bloody carnage, and he saw that desire as wanting the white man to stop it, which would mean a cease-fire, which would mean forcing hamas to take some of the blame. but i don’t want that kind of intervention. i want an intervention from the world. i want the world, the world that is watching this massacre on live tv, to come in and say, enough is enough. khalas! there can be no more zionist entity: it is a colonial, occupying, massacring regime. i want this to be a turning point that ends the zionist terrorist state once and for all.

in spite of this state of utter despair watching this unfold i do try to find some hope as hard as it may be. i can find some solace in the fact that regional resistance movements have always grown out of responses to israeli terrorism–both hezbollah and hamas grew out of this. more people will join resistance as a result of this savage aggression. and this is good. but watching all the carnage, all the suffering makes me want it to stop. to make israeli terrorism to stop. really, they can go back to europe, back to where they come from since they seem to be so well loved there. or the resistance can have a go at them. either way this has got to f)#*$&% end.

i hope that this latest siege will put the nail in the coffin of zionism and its colonization project in palestine. i hope that it will lead everyone to stand in solidarity and stop all forms of normalizing with israeli terrorists once and for all. there is a bit of hope, in this regard, in some pieces written this week like this article by hasan abu nimah:

The attack on Gaza will not destroy Hamas, and even if Israel kills every person who ever supported Hamas, the attack will not end resistance. On the contrary, resistance will be strengthened throughout the region, undermining the notion that resistance is outdated or impossible and that the only remaining “strategic choice” for the Arabs is negotiation from a position of weakness.

The Gaza attack will weaken and discredit even further the so-called “moderates” who did their best to extinguish any form of resistance and bet heavily on the failed peace process and its sponsors.

and here you can watch a somewhat recent update from al jazeera where you can see some of the bombs lighting up the sky:


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