the latest, in a series, of nakbas


500 martyrs. 2,500 injured. gazans besieged from land, air, and sea. here is the latest report of the situation in gaza from ma’an news:

12:15pm Israeli artillery hit a market area killing at least three out getting food and injuring more than 20.

12:00pm An Israeli reconnaissance plane fired a missile at the home of DFLP Muhammad Abid Barbakh killing him and four others. They were identified as his father Abid, his two brothers Mahdi and Yousif and his nephew Mousa.

11:45am Israeli missiles targeted the Palestinian ministry of endowment and religious affairs in Gaza City, several passersby were injured in the blast.

11:30am Israeli warplanes fired missiles at Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip. Ambulances were seen speeding up towards the area.

11:15am DFLP’s military wing, the National Resistance Brigades announced that one of their top activists was killed in Israeli shelling on Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

11:00am An-Nassar Salah Ad-Din activist dies of wounds in Saudi Arabia hospital

here is the latest video footage from al jazeera. if you look at the bombs being launched from above it seems that israeli terrorists are continuing to drop cluster bombs, yet another war crime in violation of the u.s. arms export control act, because, of course, these american-made weapons are part of america’s complicity in this terrorism on the people living in gaza. you will also see israeli terrorist avital leibovitch telling you that “she’s a civilian” (really? a member of the army is a civilian: since when?) and that neither she nor her neighbors keep rockets in their homes. though, they do have plenty of weapons as they are all soldiers (remember: all those thousands of reservists being called up for duty now in the terrorist state of israel? this is another reminder that there is no such thing as an israeli civilian. also: i wonder how many of these reservists are university professors…yet one more reason for the academic boycott of the israeli terrorist regime). but they don’t need to keep rockets in their houses as they have the most powerful, most terrorizing army in the region if not the world (second only to their partner in crime the united states).

on al jazeera’s latest report ayman mohyeldin reports that the psychological terror is intense and that now people’s homes have become the front lines of this war. israeli terrorists have also captured al aqsa television and are broadcasting messages in arabic from it according to al jazeera’s gaza twitter tweet (i think that is what it is called–i’m still getting used to the new technology and its relevant terms…). al jazeera also is reporting that israeli terrorists have now cut gaza in two:

Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin, reporting from Gaza City said: “Perhaps the most significant military development on the ground is that Gaza has now actually been split into two.

“A column of Israeli tanks and artillery, and armoured personnel vehicles has made its way through from the eastern part of Gaza, reaching as far as the Mediterrannean sea on the Western part, essentially splitting Gaza.

“That area, mostly in the former settlement of Nitzerim, it was an open area after Israel withdrew the settlement, so they were able to make strong advances all the way across Gaza, essentially cutting off the northern part from the southern part.”

Witnesses in eastern Gaza tell Al Jazeera that soldiers have begun house to house operations, moving from building to building. They have also taken positions on top of many of the rooftops in that area.


sameh habeeb took the above photograph of the leaflet israeli terrorists are using to torment palestinians. it says:

“People of the Strip/ Hamas will lead you to destruction/ The streets of Gaza December 2008.”

saed abdelwahed writes about the added terror of the tanks shelling:

Every minutes we hear a blast or two or three. This has been continuous for more that 15 hours so far. Tanks, artillery, warships. Hussain Odah al-Aiedi (58 years old), a UNRWA employee, is stuck in the center of the fight. The Israeli tanks move in a circle of more than one kilometers around his house. He was shelled at 10:30 p.m. last night. Five of his family members have been injured and in bad condition. No one except the Israeli tanks can reach him. There is no electricity, water or food in his house. His family, mother and the families of two brothers of his are packed in one room. They are more than twenty people. Hussain needs urgent aid and evacuation of the injured.

dr. mona el farra posted a message from mohammed magdalawi, who lives in jablia on her blog:

There are holocaust and killing four hundred martyrs and about two thousand injured by Israeli air raids. I want to write about suffering of my people and my family in these days In my house we can’t get basic needs such as, No foods, No bread, and Natural gas. Yesterday, my father went to bakery from 5 AM he waited 5 hours even get one a bundle of bread. This bread not can’t enough for my family because consist of 11 members. But today I go to all bakeries. I can’t find any loaf of bread due to be closed. We and my family cannot communicate with our relatives and friends because of the lack of the connecting network also every hour we have a martyr or even more because of the raining missiles on our homes, mosques and even hospitals. There is no safe place we can go to. In the day our life concentrated in burial of the martyrs who were thousands in hospitals after a short farewell or even without a final look because of the time shortage those martyrs are graved in groups imagine that a group of martyrs graved in one grave.At night our camp like ghosts city no sound but the sound of the various military aircrafts in every attack our heats and the children hearts is shaking. There is a horror in every minute and it is clear especially on the children, for example, there was four sisters in one family killed from the Israeli occupation,when stay in their home, and there is children in the south of Rafah. Also, a woman was going to the bakery to buy bread for her family when she was walking in the street killed the Israeli occupation. I have two message to the world. My message to the lovers of peace and freedom in the world. The first message: Imagine your life is no electricity, destroyed homes, voice missiles of the day and night, and no food. Imagine your children and your family tell you we are afraid of the missiles cannot sleep from the Voice of the aircraft. Imagine you and keep the commentary. The second message: Make to end the siege and stop the killings and demolition of houses for our children and to provide assistance to the people through rallies, sit-ins. Finally, I invite you to come to Gaza and see the Holocaust.

there are continuing protests, of course, which continue to see have no tangible effect. though it is uplifting to watch these tremendous protests this afternoon in rabat, morocco, beirut, lebanon, istanbul, turkey. electronic intifada posted more photographs of these protests. there have been continuing, large protests in 1948 palestine, including this most recent one in the galilee as well. yes, some world leaders are beginning to speak out, to promise aid: but to what effect? this is always what they do. they let israeli terrorists bomb civilians back to the stone age and then they come in with aid and expect us all to be grateful. well: f(*$ them. f()# them all. we don’t need their aid, what we need is for them to halt all forms of normalized relations with the israeli terrorist regime, all forms of aid to them, military and otherwise. that would be something effective. and the only leader, as one may expect, who has the cajones to say something like that is ken livingstone:

As a first step, European ambassadors should be recalled from Israel until the military offensive stops. And Britain should lead by example. Second, the European Union/Israel trade agreement should be suspended, as its human rights provisions have clearly been violated.

Third, if these measures do not bring rapid results, further and stronger action will be required. Europe is a critical trade partner for Israel. We have the economic leverage to end this conflict. We should use it.

eva bartlett writes about her night working with ambulance workers to give but one of many examples of why the european union should act on livingstone’s demand NOW:

Last night, on one of the mad scrambles in the ambulance, we rushed, then inched, towards an injured person. In the northwest, in an area Israeli tanks were shelling particularly hard, the ambulance was wary. They’d already had missiles launched at them on a previous run in the area. This is the region where so many phone calls were coming from, so many desperate people, trying to get out.

The driver turns up a dirt road, blares the horn, blares it more: a warning, ambulance coming, and a call, where are the bodies, the injured? Locals, including children around 10 years old, wave us on, give directions on how to avoid the army’s shelling. As we crawl further up the track, the driver gets agitated, though he is competent and experienced. Further on and no injured, no people, we turn back.

A man looking more panicked than I could imagine ran at the ambulance, waving at the hill to his left. “They’re up there, three dead,” he tells the driver. “There’re soldiers up there also.” There is no way to retrieve the bodies, and the man has to return to his heavily-shelled neighbourhood.

Alberto points to a school 20 metres down the road. “There’s a massive hole in the side of it; direct hit,” he says. He’d been in an ambulance earlier which had retrieved two injured young men, family members, who’d been delivered by cart and donkey. “I tried to help. The medics picked up one guy, and another medic started to pick up the second. I tried to grasp his shoulders, to help. My hand went inside him.” The medics explained the man’s shoulder was torn open. Alberto adds: “I could see his chest open, from the neck to his ribcage. I could see his lung. And two ribs. His right arm had completely fallen off.” The dead was 25 years old. The other, unknown age, “had an eye out” and severe head injuries.

It’s more than gruesome here.

As daybreak came, the smoke from the missiles continued to hang in a thick, thick haze. The drones still loud, tanks still shooting, Apaches still chopping above. And what seemed like the loudest F-16 missile, I don’t know how it got louder than the previous blasts.

The dispatcher announces more casualties who cannot be reached, again in the northwestern area, beyond that blasted school, where a man with a gunshot in the leg, and another with an amputated leg, wait for some sort of aid.

Back in the Gaza city media office, I’m updated: 473 dead. No, wait, 20 more from a new strike in the north, 5 more from a strike on a shopping area in Gaza city. Over 2300 injured.

Osama, an EMT, calls to see where I am. We worked together two nights ago. I’d thought I wouldn’t be there last night, was going to write instead. But the urgency prevailed and we went out. Osama asks where I am and I tell him, I’m writing, I have to tell people, they need to hear this, see this. If only you could hear this, smell this, feel the vibrations, taste the terror.

just now sherene tadros, at al shifa hospital, which she says is operating like a make-shift clinic in a war zone rather than one of gaza’s largest hospitals, interviewed a norweigan aid doctor, eric fosse. here is a rough transcript of what he said:

we have been under siege for one week at the hospital. we have run out of vital drugs for a long time. last night when invasion started the whole thing escalated. so this hospital has been filled with patients. they bombed fruit market this morning and there were a large number of casualties. we operated on people in the corridors. people were lying around the corridors waiting for surgery, dying before we could get to them. yesterday two boys who were not allowed to play in the street because of the danger. so they played on the roof of their home. they were hit by shrapnel; one died due to enormous injuries to the chest, the other lost a leg and has a serious head injury. ambulances are inundated and people bring in the injured in civilian cars. [in re: whether or not the casualties are hamas]: this is completely false–the majority of patients we see here are civilian. 28% are children, the youngest 8 months i operated on here. also a large number of women.
the hamas soldier are a minority of patients that come to the hospital.

if you want to see what this looks like check out the video that youtube censored which is on kabobfest. this is what massacre looks like. this is what israeli terrorism looks like.


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