nowhere is safe in gaza

after spending the last week glued to the television and internet almost 24 hours a day, following the news in gaza, it is overwhelming to be away from it and come back and see how much death and destruction has occurred in the time that i’ve been traveling and visiting with friends. i have barely slept in days and i can barely keep my eyes open. and today i traveled to amman where developments have been interesting to say the least. amman has seen protests–like so many cities around the world–that are unprecedented. so much so that leaders in jordan, which unfortunately signed a “peace” treaty normalizing their relationship with the zionist terrorist entity, seems to be changing. this is extraordinary and could have huge ramifications. here is an al jazeera report on the latest developments in jordan:

Jordan’s prime minister has said his country may review its diplomatic ties with Israel in the wake of the offensive in Gaza.

“Jordan will look into all options, including reconsidering relations with Israel,” Nader Dahabi told legislators on Sunday.

“There is no way we would remain silent when this threat affects the security of the entire region.”

Jordan and Egypt are the only two Arab states to have normalised relations with Israel. Amman also has strong ties with the US.

But with public criticism mounting, the government is facing pressure to rethink those diplomatic links.

Earlier thousands of students from universities across Jordan marched to the parliament in Amman demanding the freezing of diplomatic relations with Israel and the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.

Jordan is home to nearly three million Palestinian refugees, the majority of whom have been naturalised as Jordanian citizens but who remain strongly attached to their homeland.

One female student protester told the Reuters news agency that “we’ll continue taking to the streets, otherwise we’ll be like Egypt that is doing nothing”.

i asked friends about this today–whether they think that jordan will, at the bare minimum, kick out the israeli terrorist ambassador. one friend thinks it is all rhetoric, just talk to calm the people in the streets down. but another friend, one who has ties with people in the royal court, said otherwise. she said that nader dahabi would never have made such a statement without the support of the king. further, her sources tell her that king abdullah is the one who called dahabi up to ask him to make such a statement in the first place. and what gives me hope is that this friend, who has at least a bit of insider knowledge, thinks that it is not just rhetoric, but that it will happen. too, tonight queen rania gave a speech on television in which she said “this war is proof that we have butchered our humanity.” here is a bit more of her speech and its context:

“Gaza’s children, the dead and the barely living, their mothers [and] their fathers are not acceptable collateral damage; their lives do matter and their loss does count,” Rania told reporters in Amman.

Meanwhile, Israeli shelling in the Gaza Strip on Monday morning killed 14 members of two families whose homes came under fire. Israeli ground troops, backed by tanks, bulldozers, and helicopters have now encircled Gaza City and cut the Gaza Strip in two.

Palestinian fighters continue to exchange fire with Israeli troops, primarily in northern towns and on the outskirts of densely-populated Gaza City throughout the day.

the only thing i am living on right now is a shred of hope that some sense of morality will kickstart jordan in to kicking israeli terrorists out of their state, ripping up its so-called “peace” treaty with the zionist terrorist regime, and ignite a phenomenon encouraging other states to do the same from morocco to turkey.

someone has got to do something to make this stop. i heard someone on al jazeera say that all the damage hamas did in 9 years to the israeli terrorist state was done by that israeli terrorist state to gaza in the first 3.5 minutes of this invasion.

as this 10th day of the israeli terrorist invasion of gaza comes to a close there are 531 martyrs, 2,500 dead. the 13,000 new refugees are being housed in schools, not that they are any safer than anywhere else. nowhere is safe. here is a recent report on their flight to the schools:

Hundreds of Palestinian families have left their homes and taken refuge in UN run schools in Gaza on Monday.

Local sources have reported that at least 500 families from the towns of Beit Hannon and Beit Lahyia, as well nearby villages, have left their homes in search of shelter at various UN schools.

IMEMC correspondant in Gaza, Rami Al Meghari, talked to those families. Ihmedan Abu Ayiasha, age 48, left his home. “What can we do?” he asked. “We left our homes because Israeli tanks were shelling it. I came to run from the fire of the Israeli Army.”

“I left everything, [even] my clothes” he added. “We have no food. The UN told us they have nothing to give us because Israel did not allow aid into Gaza.”

these schools are not safe because, as i have written about numerous other times, israeli terrorists target schools and universities. and they target hospitals too–al awda hospital just reported that they have come under attack a few moments ago, and this is from earlier today:

Israeli forces fired in the immediate vicinity of three hospitals in the Gaza Strip on Monday, witnesses and medical personnel told Ma’an.

The Al-Wafa Hospital eastern Gaza Strip received warning that they would be shelled, but the hospital administration and staff refused to evacuate on account of the number of injured people being treated there. Some of the wounded have been injured so severely that they cannot be safely transferred.

At Ash-Shifa Hospital, the largest in the Gaza Strip, Israeli warplanes bombed the offices of the Health Committees, about 400 meters from Ash-Shifa hospital. Last week warplanes bombed the Ash-Shifa Mosque, which is part of the medical compound.

Israeli forces also shelled the parking lot of Al-Awda hospital in Jabaliya in northern Gaza.

Spanish human rights worker at the hospital Alberto Arce reported, “Two consecutive shells just landed in the busy car park 15 meters from the entrance to the emergency room of the Al Awda hospital. The entrance of the emergency room was damaged. At the time of the shelling Ambulances were bringing in the wounded that keep pouring in. Medical teams and facilities are being targeted. Nowhere is safe.”

nowhere is safe. and nowhere are there humanitarian resources. resources are scarce for everyone, including, now water. and all israeli terrorist propaganda to the contrary: aid is not flowing in; there is indeed still a humanitarian crisis.

and still the israeli terrorism not only continues unabated, but seems to be escalating in the last few hours i’ve had to catch a glimpse of the news. i managed to talk to sameh for a brief minute, though now the lines seem to be cut, which does not bode well as it appears the israeli terrorst tanks are headed towards gaza city.

said abdelwahed reports about his day of israeli terrorism today:

Today was a ground offensive. Israeli tanks took control of more land. Israeli aircrafts raided on 30 targets in Gaza Strip. I am concerned about the civilians who could not stay in their homes whether in the eastern part of Zietoun neighborhood. It is an agricultural area and farmers living there. Hundreds of them could flee to inside the densely populated residential area of Zietoun neighborhood. Many civilians died in the bombing of areas at the edges of Gaza city. Electricity and water are still major problems for all Gazans. I am still operating a generator to be able to write those messages in minutes! Mobile phones are paralyzed and land telephones are static or distorted and other times, it is clear! An air raid nearby minutes back; we do not know where it was but it was so frightening. They hit a nearby building! Its three building away from me; there are casualties!

Israeli aircrafts are throwing down lighting bombs or perhaps it they are lights for military purposes. Israel intercepted Al-Aqsa satellite channel several times. They broadcasted anti-Hamas material. I will be back if could!

likewise, nathalie abou shakra writes this about new forms of israeli terrorism with the help of american made weapons:

they’re using new weaponry nader… very frightening… as it goes throught the air… you hear it very close to you… it’s going to come, it’s going to kill me, now now now… that’s what you think of… it’s terrifying… i admit not to care… i have gotten used to the old weaponry… now i have to get used to this one too… i cannot describe in words to you the extent of its terror… like a rocket being projected onto you… and the sound… the sound of a plane in the air coming towards you… maginfying its sound the closer it gets… then it passes above our heads… we are all on the floor

here is a report from the times exploring whether or not israeli terrorists are using white phosphorous weapons:

Israel is believed to be using controversial white phosphorus shells to screen its assault on the heavily populated Gaza Strip yesterday. The weapon, used by British and US forces in Iraq, can cause horrific burns but is not illegal if used as a smokescreen.

As the Israeli army stormed to the edges of Gaza City and the Palestinian death toll topped 500, the tell-tale shells could be seen spreading tentacles of thick white smoke to cover the troops’ advance. “These explosions are fantastic looking, and produce a great deal of smoke that blinds the enemy so that our forces can move in,” said one Israeli security expert. Burning blobs of phosphorus would cause severe injuries to anyone caught beneath them and force would-be snipers or operators of remote-controlled booby traps to take cover. Israel admitted using white phosphorus during its 2006 war with Lebanon.

The use of the weapon in the Gaza Strip, one of the world’s mostly densely population areas, is likely to ignite yet more controversy over Israel’s offensive, in which more than 2,300 Palestinians have been wounded.

The Geneva Treaty of 1980 stipulates that white phosphorus should not be used as a weapon of war in civilian areas, but there is no blanket ban under international law on its use as a smokescreen or for illumination. However, Charles Heyman, a military expert and former major in the British Army, said: “If white phosphorus was deliberately fired at a crowd of people someone would end up in The Hague. White phosphorus is also a terror weapon. The descending blobs of phosphorus will burn when in contact with skin.”

meanwhile for those of you taking in all the american-israeli terrorist propaganda saying that those who are murdered and injured are hamas resistance fighters, i encourage you all to take a look at these two videos detailing the child victims of israeli terrorism:


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