another day, another day of war crimes in gaza…

israeli terrorists are cutting gaza into cantons. cutting off people from each other, and most importantly for the moment, cutting off ambulances and medical workers from hospitals and seeking urgent care. last night i watched the horrifying fighting in gaza city. now i’m watching israeli terrorist tanks take over khan younis.

here is a report from last night from al jazeera:

the latest figures on al jazeera: there are 548 martyrs killed by israeli terrorists. islam online has now posted a website it is calling the “gaza holocaust museum” and it is naming and depicting the martyrs in gaza. there are 2,700 injured, many of them critically so. and increasingly those injured will die because of a lack of medical resources, medical supplies, surgeons, ambulances. and because israeli terrorists target ambulances and hospitals. one medical relief worker who has been waiting for days at the rafah border to get in to help, on the phone with al jazeera just now, said that egypt and israeli terrorists will still not let these doctors and supplies in. plus, there is still a list of banned medical supplies, which are necessary, such as oxygen and antiseptic. (there is a new report from ocha on relief web you can download about the relief situation) plus, when/if the border is open to let in a trickle of relief, it will never be enough. and some other things that are needed like blankets won’t be allowed through rafah. only medical supplies. only those not banned (recall israeli terrorists maintain bans on drugs like chemotherapy). here is one report on al jazeera about those waiting to treat the wounded:

and just to be crystal f*&$)#$ clear about who is helping maintain this border closure to ensure that palestinians are not only massacred, but also suffer in hospitals without proper treatment?: the united states:

NBC anchorwoman and chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell said Sunday that US military officers from the Corps of Engineers had been stationed on the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing in order to prevent “arms smuggling from illegal tunnels” by Palestinian fighters.

“And there are US Army Corps of Engineer personnel on the ground right now on the Egypt side looking at the tunnels to see how Egypt could be reassured that there won’t be continued smuggling through on that,” she said on Meet the Press.

while this article is not specifically about hindering the passage of medical and relief supplies, i assure you we will later find out that they were not only preventing arms from going into gaza to let palestinians resist israeli terrorism, but also medicine and other essential goods. make no mistake about it: the united states is complicit in every possible way.

meanwhile palestinian internally displaced refugees, who are now made to be refugees again (see my posts on nahr el bared refugee camp in lebanon for the gymnastics one has to do with language to grasp the layers, upon layers of forced displacement at the hands of zionist terrorism over the last sixty years) are desperately seeking shelter in a place where there is no safety:

and for those who flee, as well as those who can’t or don’t, this is their fate:

A Palestinian woman, her four children, were killed in a recent Israeli air strike in Gaza, and more Palestinian civilians are being killed by the hour as the Israeli army continues its air strikes and ground offensive against the residents of Gaza. At least 550 Palestinians, including women and children, have been killed and more than 2700 were wounded.

Medical sources in Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, reported that an Israeli missile struck a Palestinian home in Al Zeitoun neighborhood east of Gaza City killing a woman and her children.

The sources said that seven members of Al Sammouni family, including four children, were killed when the army shelled their home while invading the area. Other members of the family said that the army also shelled a nearby home inflicting more casualties among the civilians as the shelled house was overcrowded.

An Eyewitness reported that at least twenty residents were in the shelled home. The eyewitness added that on Sunday, the army ordered the residents to gather in the house of Arafat Al Sammouni, and on Monday the soldiers shelled the crowded property.

Also, the army shelled a mourning house filled with civilians and killed four. Several similar attacks were reported in Gaza.

Furthermore, paramedics said on Monday that they located three bodies in Al Atatra area, west of Beit Lahia, and that several residents are believed to be under the rubble of shelled homes.

Sources at Al Shifa hospital in Gaza reported that the bodies of seven members of Abu Aisha family were severely mutilated after the army shelled their home in Al Mashtal area, west of Al Shaty’ refugee camp, in Gaza.

The sources added that the casualties are father, mother and five of their children. They were killed on Sunday at night after the Israeli Navy fired missiles at their home and a number of nearby homes.

The army also shelled dozens of homes in Al Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City killing a five-year old child and her grandfather. Her mother was seriously wounded.

On Sunday night after midnight, the army shelled five homes that belong to Hamas political leaders, and one home that belong to Jamil Mzhir, a political leader of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

The army also shelled a college in Al Shaty’s refugee camp causing two injuries.

Hasan Khalaf of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, said that the number of Palestinians killed due to the ongoing Israeli offensive is now over 577 residents, including 70 who were killed in the ground offensive. Among the casualties were 107 children and 36 women; at least 2,530 residents were wounded.

The ground offensive was launched on Sunday evening, so far over 70 residents, including 21 children and 11 women were killed and over 371 were wounded.

mads gilbert seems to be making the rounds in the u.s. media, astonishingly enough. he was on cbs news discussing the war crimes committed by israeli terrorists:

i did not hear him talking about depleted uranium again, though, which i wish he’d do on american television. when i talked to sameh yesterday he said he thinks the israeli terrorists are using depleted uranium. i talked to him this morning too, and he said gaza city is surrounded now by israeli terrorists. they have little electricity; i was fortunately able to reach him on his land line. and they are trying to seek refuge in a room in their house, which is obviously not safe from israeli terrorism (anyone remembering what happened with palestinians murdered by israeli terrorists in europe in the 1970s and 70s knows what i’m talking about and there are too many other incidents to name). sameh was on flashpoints quite a bit last week and you should hear his reports–you can hear israeli terrorists bombing when you listen to his reporting. (btw: flashpoints’ website is not being updated as regularly as it could be; i recommend just subscribing to their podcasts as that is updated quickly, but if you prefer listening online you can also find it archived on kpfa’s website.) and he was also on democracy now! yesterday.

there are a number of bloggers that are posting what they can, while they can, when they have a moment of electricity from gaza, like sameh. today i read what dina hazem wrote about being in a hospital in gaza:

I have just got back from the hospital. I can only wish that I did not go there…i cannot describe to you what kind of scene it was: the wounded were everywhere…some are even being treated on the the corridors…it is way over capacity…and every minute another wounded comes in…and another and another…and the worst part is that most of them are children. The cries of children do not stop throughout the hospital not for one minute. And the wounds are not just any wounds…hands chopped, faces covered with blood and victims bleeding from different places. Around me were 3 mothers crying out loud at the loss of their sons and daughters…finding no one to ask for help but God and only God himself…the looks of their helpless but angry eyes…weak but traumatized faces…make me wonder what kind of life they will be living for the next days or months or years…if they ever get to live.

No one is being spared in Gaza. Everyone and I mean everyone is a target. It is not a daily trauma. It is a trauma by the hours..and the minutes. The scene alone made me feel hopeless and desperate enough to wish to die, rather than live in constant frustration and trauma.

rafah kid who is doing some great tweeting on twitter posted an important video in arabic that shows the utter chaos and destruction created by israeli terrorists with american-made weapons and planes and tanks.

meanwhile in an article by hazem balousha and rory mccarthy in the guardian (which has video footage you should watch as well), wael samouni reports how it is that israeli terrorists operate on the ground, how they deviously carry out their genocidal plans:

The Samouni family woke on Sunday morning to find themselves surrounded by camouflaged Israeli troops and dozens of tanks, who had set up a position in the rubble of what was once the large Jewish settlement of Netzarim. As dawn broke, the soldiers seized control of the highest buildings in the district and ordered several of the neighbours into the Samouni family home and there a dozen of them waited, without food and without water.

“All day Sunday there was shooting and bombing. We didn’t have anything to eat, we didn’t have water to drink – our water tanks had been damaged in the fighting,” said Wael Samouni, 32, who on a normal day would be manning his stall at the vegetable market. “We couldn’t sleep.”

He stepped out of the house briefly and saw a man shooting an M16 assault rifle. He mistook him for a Palestinian militant. Samouni shouted at him: “Please don’t come here. They’ll kill us. Go away.” But as the gunman turned round, it became clear he was an Israeli soldier. The soldier shouted back in Arabic: “Bring me your ID.” Samouni disappeared back into his house and decided not to venture out again.

They passed another night under the bombing and artillery strikes, grateful to have made it through to morning. Samouni remembered sitting in the crowded living room yesterday, surrounded by his neighbours, wondering how much longer they had to endure. It was 6.30am.

“We were sitting and suddenly there was bombing on our house and everyone started to run. There were three rockets. I have no idea where they came from,” said Samouni. The rockets, believed now to be tank shells, hit the building and brought it crashing down. “I looked to my side, took hold of my boy Mohammad and I started to run. As I ran I looked back and saw on the floor my mother, two cousins and three of my children. All dead,” he said. Samouni and the others ran from the house, some raised white cloths as flags and they made it to a patch of safe ground where they were taken to hospital by car.

Yesterday, as three of his children were laid out dead on the hospital floor, Samouni was in a bed upstairs in the Shifa hospital, recovering from wounds to his legs and shoulder and comforting his son Mohammad, five, who had suffered a broken arm in the shelling and had just woken after his operation. He was still unsure exactly how many of his 10 children had died.

“It’s a massacre,” Samouni said. “I’m 32 years old and I’ve never seen such things as this. I couldn’t help myself or any of those around me. We just want to live in peace.”

you won’t see or read or hear any of what i am reporting on american media. there is still a media blackout. journalists are still banned from entering gaza, which was the case for some months before this invasion and utter destruction of the strip. the associated press reported today:

Israel scrapped arrangements Monday to allow the first foreign reporters into the Gaza Strip since the military launched its offensive against Palestinian militants, adding to mounting media frustration at being locked out of the war zone.

The ban on foreign media, which has been appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court, drew criticism from journalists that Israel is trying to manage the story.

meanwhile in iraq, which is besieged by american terrorism, journalists staged a sit in to protest the massacre in gaza:

Branches of the Journalists’ Syndicate throughout Iraq on Monday staged a sit in to show solidarity with the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, which has been under continued Israeli attacks for ten days.

In Thi-Qar, journalists and media men staged a sit-in in front of the syndicate in al-Nile street in central Nassiriya, during which workers from different media institutions took part.

“This sit-in aims to show solidarity with the Palestinian people who are being targeted by the Israeli aggression,” the president of the syndicate told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, noting that the Thi-Qar journalists proved they support the Palestinian people and with the Gazans.

meanwhile, israeli terrorists have now targeted media buildings (so maybe israeli terrorists were being kind when they decided to prevent journalists from entering–they knew they would attack media outlets and wanted to prevent their deaths):

10pm, 5th January 2009, Gaza City: A high-story building housing international media outlets in Gaza City has been targeted by the Israeli military. Seven rounds were fired from an apache helicopter into the building in which international media which houses international media outlets such as Reuters.

“It felt like the building was about to collapse. The attack felt like it would not end. Israel has denied the international media access to Gaza, now they are targeting those who are attempting to tell the world what is happening here. Israel does not want the world to see it’s crimes.” Eva Bartlett – International Solidarity Movement

and for those of us in the twittersphere, blogosphere, youtube sphere using alternative outlets for media reporting, jillian blogged today about the ways in which israeli terrorists are attacking these attempts to get the truth out. you see, israeli terrorists never want you to know, see, hear what is really happening. that would be the demise of the zionist entity, something that cannot happen soon enough if you ask me.


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