on gaza trauma

my friend who i am staying with in al quds is busy working on a proposal right now to help fund psycho-social work in gaza right now. we were talking about trauma last night. the trauma that every single person in gaza has been experiencing for god knows how long now. she was talking about the problems that come with such a project with an entire population is traumatized: how do traumatized psychologists, for instance, deal with treating the rest of their traumatized community? what do you do when the israeli terrorists won’t allow other arab psycho-social workers inside to help handle the case load? when foreigners cannot come into do this work because they don’t understand the context, the language? how do you begin to heal the people, especially when the conditions of that trauma are clearly not going to end any time soon. here is but one girl who will likely need to be treated not only for her wounds, but also for her trauma:

Amira Qirm lay on a hospital bed today with her right leg in plaster, and held together by a line of steel pins dug deep into her skin. For several days after her operation Amira, 15, was unable to speak, and even now talks only in a low whisper.

In her past are bitter memories: watching her father die in the street outside their home, then hearing another shell land and kill her brother Ala’a, 14, and her sister Ismat, 16, and then the three days that she spent alone, injured and semi-conscious, trying to stay alive in a neighbour’s abandoned house before she could be rescued last Sunday.

or what about sama abd rabo and her father, khaled:

or check out this child speaking from gaza on kabobfest. or watch this excellent special on al jazeera with ayman mohyeldin called “gaza in ruins.”


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