never forgive, never forget

carlos latuff
carlos latuff

okay so i lied. just one more post before my weekend begins. i listened to flashpoints in the service on my way down to ramallah. and i just gotta say: i f(*$&%# love nora barrows-friedman. there is really no other media outlet like flashpoints in the united states. and not just because of what the report and how they report on palestine. because they cover stories like the murder of oscar grant. because they cover stories like the murder of brown beret annette garcia.

Today on Flashpoints: As international war crimes investigators continue to gather evidence for war crimes prosecution of Israeli officials, we present excerpts from a 3-hour special The Savaging of Gaza, A Twenty-First Century War Crime. This accounting is based on Flashpoints coverage from the beginning of the assault until this current shaky cease-fire, which included some more air attacks by Israel today.

01:00 The Savaging of Gaza: For 22 days the Israeli military savaged the Gaza Strip by land air and sea. One and a half million Palestinians, already pushed to the brink of starvation and humanitarian disaster after 18 months of an Israeli blockade and the hermetical sealing of the crossings in and out, watched in horror as the tiny Gaza Strip became a weapons lab for the latest in non-conventional weaponry.

44:00 KPFA Winter Fund Drive: Support the work of the Flashpoints team who bring you the human perspective in Palestine, Iraq, the US-Mexico border, and across the globe.

Pledge your support at 1-800-439-5732, or 510-848-5732. or pledge securely online.
Thank you for your support!

above you will also find a link to donate money to support the kind of journalism you will find nowhere else in the united states. support flashpoints and lovely, dear, amazing nora. the radio documentary linked above, which you can order (it is 3 hours long) if you pledge online at the above-link details the savagery of israeli terrorism from palestinians reporting on the ground in gaza. but also nora reminds us in this report of the fact that there is the aggressive terrorism of the american-made bombs as well as the passive terrorism of israelis banning 95 medicines from gaza like chemotherapy, kidney dialysis equipment, and anesthesia (because they want palestinians to feel pain).

you can also watch americans investigating israeli war crimes on this report from press tv:

and you can watch mike kirsch on al jazeera showing the daily difficulties palestinian fisherman in gaza have to endure:

meanwhile israeli terrorists continued their nightly invasions around the west bank last night, including in the village near my house:

Israeli forces seized five young Palestinians during raids in villages around the West Bank city of Nablus.

Palestinian local sources told Ma’an’s correspondent in Nablus that Israeli forces raided Asira Al-Qibliya, south of Nablus and detained 18-year-old Mahmoud Mohammad Hassan Shihadah.

In the village of Salim, east of the city, they detained Mohammad Abd An-Nayef Issa.

In the village of Tell,. Local sources said Israeli troops invaded at 1am, detaining three young men: Mu’awiya Mohammad Zeidan,18, Arabi Ashraf As-Seifi,19 and Issam Issa Ramadan,18.

mr. fish
mr. fish

and the israeli terrorist ethnic cleansing project continues unabated in the west bank:

About 25 Palestinian families would be forced to leave their homes and agricultural lands in the village of Khirbet Tana, located within the territory of the Beit Furik town, east of Nablus, after the Israeli high court rejected the objection made by human rights organizations on behalf of the families.

The objection called for not demolishing the villagers’ houses and for preparing a structural blueprint for the village instead of taking such an unjust step in violation of human rights.

The human rights organizations confirmed that the Israeli arbitrary policy of land planning in the occupied Palestinian lands do not allow the villagers, the natives of Khirbet Tana, to obtain building permits which forces them to choose between the unauthorized construction or to remain without housing.

is it any wonder why i am so opposed to normalization? a reminder that israeli terrorists behave this way towards palestinians whether you normalize with them or not:

Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish, who lost three daughters and a niece in an Israel Defense Forces strike in the Gaza Strip last month, responded Wednesday to an IDF statement confirming that it was Israeli fire that killed his daughters, thanking those responsible for investigating the incident and saying that “we all make mistakes, and we don’t repeat them.”

Abu al-Aish, a father of eight, became one of the symbols of the Gaza offensive for Israelis after he captivated TV viewers with a sobbing live report on the death of his three daughters and his niece in Israeli shelling. The 55-year-old gynecologist trained in Israeli hospitals and speaks Hebrew.

The IDF announced earlier Wednesday that an investigation into the January 16 incident confirmed that it had been Israeli fire that killed the four girls.

izzeldin may forgive. i will never forgive nor will i forget. akeed la this is not a mistake! this is 3adi behavior for israeli terrorists. and until everyone stops normalizing, builds a unified resistance they will continue their murderous project of ethnically cleansing palestinians and colonizing palestinian land. and by the way: the israeli terrorists know they are guilty. this is why they are busy destroying evidence. and then, of course, rubbing it in our faces because no one will stop them from covering up their crimes.

nida badwan
nida badwan

there are other palestinians who choose not to forgive and forget and who remind us of the devastation like artist nida badwan who is exhibiting her artwork in one of the bombed out spaces of gaza (see photo above):

Ghoulish blue figures reach skyward towards an elusive red spiral in an abstract rendering of Gaza life hung in the ruins of a cultural centre bombed and torched during the Israeli offensive.

The paintings hang in the scorched depths of the Red Crescent cultural centre in Gaza City, which was destroyed at the height of the 22-day war. They are the work of Nida Badwan, an arts student who used to volunteer there.

“I wanted to exhibit them here because the building itself speaks,” Badwan says. “It tells the story of the paintings, and it speaks louder than they do.”

and you can add another university to your list of those being occupied by students in solidarity with palestinians in gaza. where are the american students? why are they not acting? why are they so silent?

Students at the Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland have occupied the main administration building (McCance) in solidarity with the people of Gaza, and with other students who have taken similar action in Universities across Britain. The occupation followed a ‘march for Gaza’, and despite the ugly and heavy handed attempts by the University security to break up the march the students refused to leave the McCance building and have presented an agreed list of demands to the University authorities.

UPDATE: The University has called in the police. Please express your support by publicizing this widely. Also call the protesting students on: 0759 5626057 or 07989 796 280

A movement has been sweeping across Britain in protest at the the Israeli state’s massacre and the complicity of our government and university. This demonstration builds on the victories across the U.K and beyond in opposing murder in Gaza and all those who support it. The demands which are presently being delivered to the University principal are:

1) Cancel the contract with Eden Springs (an Israeli water company that is the University’s main supplier).

2) Divestment from the arms manufacturer BAE systems and invesigate alternative sources of funding for the Engineering Department.

3) Issue a statement condemning the Israeli states recent massacre of Gaza.

4) Fund and facilitate 50 scholarships for Palestinian students at Strathclyde University.

5) Solidarity with the Islamic University of Gaza: write a letter of support; twin Strathclyde with the university, and aid in its rebuilding.

6) Condemn the BBC for not showing the DEC appeal; show the appeal in lecture theatres and organise a fundraising day on campus.

7) Oppose Israeli academics who promote military research at Strathclyde University

For updates see this message board.

one final item for today–for you to take action on–one way that obama is continuing the racist policies of the bush regime is by refusing to allow those detained in guantanamo prison to come to the u.s. upon their release. there is a petition to sign, as well as background information, on why we should release some of the prisoners (though i would argue all of them should have that choice plus reparations for what they have endured) to the united states and not pawn them off to a third country:

The Uighurs are members of an intensely persecuted minority in western China and were sold to U.S. forces by bounty hunters. Most of them were cleared by the military of any offense in 2003. In September 2008, the U.S. government formally acknowledged that none of them is an enemy combatant. At present, all three branches of the government have acknowledged that the Uighurs should be released. All 17 have been exonerated by both military and habeas courts, and members of Congress have called for their release to the only place they can go: the United States.

Holding that their continued imprisonment was unlawful, U.S. District Judge Ricardo M. Urbina ruled in October 2008 that they should be present in his court for release into the United States with appropriate conditions. Detailed arrangements to welcome and support the seventeen men had by then been made by religious and refugee organizations. Further commitment of support has been provided by the Uighur community of well established U.S. citizens in the D.C. area.


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