notes on complicity

i was in the midst of writing an article with a colleague from gaza today. we are working on a project to help his university, which israeli terrorists bombed on december 28th. of course, they bombed the islamic university of gaza with american bombs and american f-16s. i had read a blog talking about israeli academic complicity in its military-terrorist complex when rania and i were writing our articles about boycott last month. the blog had a post about the complicity between tel aviv university and the israeli terrorist army. he quoted an article from a publication at tel aviv university, which i assumed would be written in hebrew so i did not bother looking for the original until today. i was amazed to find out that it was indeed published in english. interestingly, the article in question, gil zohar’s “lifting the veil of secrecy,” published in the winter 2008/2009 issue of tel aviv university review doesn’t just show how israeli terrorist universities produce knowledge that create massacres on the ground in gaza and elsewhere in palestine–it also tells us about american collaboration in that process at israeli terrorist universities as well:

…Tel Aviv University is at the front line of the critical work to maintain Israel’s military and technological edge. While much of that research remains classified, several facts illuminate the role of the university. MAFAT, a Hebrew acronym meaning the R&D Directorate of the Israel Ministry of Defense, is currently funding 55 projects at TAU. Nine projects are being funded by DARPA–the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense.

i was wishing i could have double checked something in naomi klein’s the shock doctrine, but i brought it back to my big boxes ‘o books in amman last month. i recalled that she also made a specific argument about israeli terrorist universities and then i found this from a 2007 article she published in the nation:

It’s no coincidence that the class projects at Ben Gurion that so impressed [Thomas] Friedman have names like “Innovative Covariance Matrix for Point Target Detection in Hyperspectral Images” and “Algorithms for Obstacle Detection and Avoidance.” Thirty homeland security companies were launched in Israel in the past six months alone, thanks in large part to lavish government subsidies that have transformed the Israeli army and the country’s universities into incubators for security and weapons start-ups (something to keep in mind in the debates about the academic boycott).


if you read klein’s full article above you will begin to see how deeply enmeshed american and israeli terrorist projects are a joint effort, a joint effort housed in many of the universities in the zionist entity. and i’m thinking that texas a&m university should be added to the list of institutions to boycott (see above photograph though it should be noted that the canada-israel chamber of commerce is also a partner in the above seminar, but it got cut off from the screen shot i took). apparently some company called chameleon associates is hosting an executive seminar, in cahoots with texas a&m university and their israeli terrorist partners (from which the above logo was taken):


February 21 – February 28, 2009

Chameleon Associates LLC is pleased to present a one-of-a-kind security seminar to law enforcement, military and security professionals from around the world.

This seminar provides attendees with an inside look into the security operations of some of Israel’s most secured facilities and protected environments. Attendees will meet with top Israeli security and law enforcement officials and will learn first hand how Israel developed and maintains some of the world’s best counter-terrorism and security systems.

Some of the facilities and locations visited in the seminar include mass-transit hubs, airports, seaports, border crossings, government facilities, critical infrastructures, shopping malls, corporate facilities and more.

certainly there are deep ties between israeli and american academic institutions in ways that continue to render “scientific” their pursuit of knowledge, their pursuit of new ways to murder and torture palestinians, arabs, muslims. the most recent collusion between israeli military and academia, which i wrote about in an earlier blog is the appointment of pnina shavrit-baruch, an israeli terrorist war criminal, to a position as a law professor at tel aviv university. apparently what little dissent there was, was squashed by the government and as jonathan cook explains plans are moving forward:

But despite the protest at Tel Aviv University, most academic staff in Israel supported Col Sharvit-Baruch’s appointment, said Daphna Golan, a programme director at the Minerva Center for Human Rights at Hebrew University. “I think even Prof Ganz has been frightened into silence by the backlash.”

The episode, she said, highlighted the intimate relations between the army and universities in Israel, as well as the dependence of the universities on army funding.

She noted that there were many special programmes designed to favour army and security personnel by putting them on a fast track to degrees.

“Most of the professors in the country’s Middle East departments — the ‘experts on Arabs’ who shape the perceptions of the next generation — are recruited from the army or the security services,” she added.

Omar Barghouti, a co-ordinator of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, said Col Sharvit-Baruch’s employment was a further indication of the “organic ties” between Israeli institutions and the army.

“This just adds one more soldier to an already very long list of war criminals roaming around freely in Israeli universities, teaching hate, racism and warmongering, with impunity,” he said.

He noted that calls for an academic boycott were growing in the wake of the Gaza offensive.

Al-Quds University, with campuses in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, severed its contacts with Israeli universities last week. It had been the last Palestinian university to maintain such ties.

At the same time, a group of US professors announced that they were campaigning for an academic boycott of Israel — the first time such a call has been heard in the US.

Mr Barghouti said an “unprecedented” groundswell of popular opinion was behind new campaigns in countries such as Australia, Spain, Sweden, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand.

notice how little dissent there is? of course this is also because 94% of their population supported the aggression on gaza. what is shocking to me about these new developments or new articles is not the fact that there is this deep complicity between the u.s. military, the israeli terrorist war machine, and israeli academia. what is shocking is how they are so blatant about these linkages now. because they can massacre anyone they like in lebanon or gaza or akka or jenin and it doesn’t matter: no one is spared (except for animals in zoos–see yesterday’s post for that one). too, i find it ironic that so few people around the world agree to boycott israeli academia and the terrorists it harbors given the continuous assault on human life that these universities create in addition to the way that they always target educational institutions.

they also target other sorts of installations. american government and military installations. recall they did this in an infamous incident on 8 june 1967 when israeli terrorists struck the uss liberty. that story, like most involving acts of israeli terrorism, has been covered up again and again. likewise, how many of you out there heard that israeli terrorists bombed the house of the only u.s. state department employee in gaza? esam is the only representative of the u.s. consulate in jerusalem who is based in gaza. esam and his family are now living in his office. below are photographs of his house sent to me by a friend who knows him:




while esam is still sleeping in his office radi abed rabbo is dealing with the trauma of having been forced to be a human shield for israeli terrorists as hoda abdel hamid reports for al jazeera:

yet another host of reasons that it’s great to see people mobilizing the israeli terrorist elections tomorrow:

The Ahrar Al-Jalil Brigades, an unknownand self-proclaimed Palestinian militant group based in Israel called on Palestinians inside Israel on Monday to boycott Israeli elections scheduled to take place Tuesday.

The group said in a statement, “Participation in Knesset elections means approval and recognition of the legitimacy of this Zionist state which has been committing atrocities against our people.”

this is why so many are mobilizing for boycott, divestment, and sanctions. here are a few new items on that front like in malta:

We also request all organizations and people of good will in Malta to pressure the Maltese government, Members of European Parliament and prospective MEPs, and the various authorities within the EU to show their true commitment towards a just peace in Palestine by avoiding products and services (like tourism) provided by companies implicated in the occupation and human rights violations, and to choose services and goods, like fair trade products, provided by communities in occupied Palestine.

or this bangladeshi writer details (if you click on the link and read the entire piece) the american companies you should boycott because they are complicit in israeli terrorism:

South Africa, the original apartheid state, was brought to its knees by an economic boycott against its policies. Yes, Bangladesh is a small country and far from the Middle East; but our imports are bought with the same American dollars that support the Israeli economy, and we should utilise them intelligently.

The economic boycott of South Africa was about more than boycotting South African products; it also targeted multi-nationals that invested in (and thus economically supported) the apartheid state. Bangladesh already disallows direct imports from Israel through its import policy; but Bangladeshi consumers have yet to take action against multi-nationals that have the dubious distinction of directly supporting Zionist land grabbing, or receiving Israeli government awards recognising their investments in Israel.

and the church of england divested from caterpillar:

Over this weekend, 7th and 8th February, the Church of England clarified their position on their investments in companies profiting from the illegally occupied Palestinian territories and now wish to make clear that late last year they removed over £2.2 million in Caterpillar, a company whose bulldozers and heavy plant equipment are been used to destroy the homes of Palestinians by the Israeli government.

finally while speaking of complicity…i mentioned the egyptian kidnapping of philip rizk yesterday. there are two petitions you can sign to demand his release:


Release Philip Rizk


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