rotisserie marcy

this is the weather forecast for today:

Rain is expected on Friday, turning to snow at night. Temperatures will be two degrees under the seasonal average. A brisk westerly wind will blow and the sea will be rough. This is according to the Palestinian Meteorological Department.

At night, snow is expected at higher altitudes in Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Hebron, as well as northern Israel. Heavy rain is expected elsewhere.

fortunately, it looks like nablus won’t be betting any snow. but it is getting hail as we speak. and when it rains it rains inside my apartment and puddles form. and generally i love snow. especially if i can escape after a while to a fireplace or lots o’ heat and hot chocolate. but even without the snow here it is freezing enough already. there is no central heating in my apartment. i live on a mountain. and the wind is ketir loud (see post from december if you want to hear how loud). i have one little gas heater that i keep very close to my body and i drink tea non stop. but i didn’t realize (until i was at rania’s in beirut last month and she saw for herself) what the effects of keeping the gas heater so close to me had on my body. apparently, i now have a sunburn down my right thigh from sitting so close to it every day. i mentioned this to sahar when she was visiting a few weeks ago and she reminded me that she blogged about a similar thing when she lived in kabul and called herself rotisserie sahar. so in honor of sahar i am naming myself rotisserie marcy.

if there were no zionist colonizers here i would buy an apartment in eriha and commute every day just to be warm. but i feel like we keep getting teased by the weather. yesterday it felt like spring. it was so lovely outside that after school i went with some friends to the municipal park in the center of nablus for a picnic. the sun was out. it was beautiful. and the kids were out running about playing futball, rolling their bodies down the grassy hillside. we had a little impromptu concert. it was amazing. and now we’re back to this. 😦





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