on american imperialism

my brain is hurting so i am reposting rania’s blog about munthader el zaid’s prison sentence by an american-iraqi puppet court:

We remember Munthader el Zaidi. The one who expressed the outrage of all who stand against occupation and brutality.

Yesterday, he was sentenced. Sentenced by a court appointed by men under occupation.

Kicking off proceedings, the presiding judge Abdulemir Hassan al-Rubaie asked Zaidi whether he was innocent or guilty. “I am innocent,” came the reply from the 30-year-old reporter. “What I did was a natural response to the occupation.”

The monkey court sentenced Zaidi to 3 years in prison.

3 years in prison.

He honestly expressed our anger, our outrage. We need more expressions. More bravery. More honesty. More shoes to be thrown at all the occupiers and their supporters. Enough.

Rather than shaking their hands, inviting them to dinner, giving them tea, we should all be Muntadher el Zaidi.

i think that when we look at this puppet court, however, we must also remember that obama’s war, currently raging in iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, who knows where next…is alive and well. just take a look at these american terrorist soldiers screaming at iraqi policemen. listen to how they speak to them and what they say. yet another reason, i suspect, that the united states doesn’t want to attend the world conference against racism. it still thrives on racism in every way.

this is american imperialism unmasked. i ask you, who is it who is controlling iraq? and who is blaming the victim here?


2 thoughts on “on american imperialism

  1. Marcy, I posted the same video, and look at the torrent it provoked from some right wingers and army officers…


    …that eventually led to this situation…


    what may be a veiled threat from an army officer in the Pentagon who took up residence on my blog.

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