white washing ethnic cleansing

ethan bronner, the tool of the israeli terrorist regime, who writes propaganda pieces supporting their terrorism for the new york times, did a profile on the israeli terrorist mayor of al quds the other day. here is how bronner characterized the massive land confiscation creating new palestinian refugees:

In several East Jerusalem neighborhoods these days, demolition orders are being issued. The result is that while Mr. Barkat is bringing a sense of modern renewal and entrepreneurial spirit to City Hall, he is also infuriating those who wish to see Jerusalem shared as the capital of two states.

Mr. Barkat speaks of his efforts in East Jerusalem as if they were in any normal city. He wants to expand public areas for both Jews and Palestinians, make room for schools and generally clean up what he calls the “wild East.”…

The houses Mr. Barkat plans to tear down were built illegally, and that, he says, is his sole motive. He is doing the same for illegal construction in predominantly Jewish West Jerusalem and offers numbers to prove it. About a third of the tearing down is indeed in the West.

Palestinians and their advocates say they can build only illegally because Israel almost never grants them legal permits, to keep their numbers down and make sure there remains a strong Jewish majority in Jerusalem. The city has nearly 800,000 inhabitants, about 270,000 of them Palestinian.

The biggest controversy involves Silwan, the area just southeast of the walled Old City where some 7,500 Palestinians live, mostly in buildings without permits. Mr. Barkat wants to turn the area into an archaeological park, the City of David and the Garden of King Solomon, where he says King David wrote poetry, and other great historical figures wandered quietly.

“For 3,000 years, that area has been green,” he asserts. “Now there are 100 buildings that are illegal there. We want to return it to being a park.”

Palestinians see it otherwise.

“They start with one building and then they take away a whole neighborhood,” asserted Nafez Ghith, a 39-year-old souvenir shop owner whose family homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood are under demolition order. “He has been in office only a few months, and we see what he wants to do. They leave us no legal alternative.”

Mr. Barkat has appointed an old friend, Yakir Segev, to be in charge of East Jerusalem. In an interview with a local newspaper, Mr. Segev said: “Jerusalem is a laboratory. If we succeed in solving the conflict with the Arabs of Jerusalem, it will also be possible to solve it everywhere in Israel.”

What Mr. Segev, like Mr. Barkat, means is both improving services for the Palestinians and ending any ambiguity about Jewish dominance. And to that end, they have expressed strong support for more Jewish building to the east of the city, which Palestinians say could end any prospect for a two-state solution.

i think that perhaps bronner doesn’t understand barkat. when israeli terrorists say “clean up” what they mean is “transfer,” ethnic cleansing, forced removal of the indigenous population. thus, his comment about “cleaning up the wild east” is a direct allusion to how white americans “cleaned up” what they called the “wild west,” a place that used to be populated with many american indian tribes, but that cowboys “cleaned up” (read: massacre and forced removal) in order to colonize the land. what barkat is doing in al quds is exactly the same. who do you think the israeli terrorists learned it from? likewise, bronner doesn’t get it when he talks about al quds as a laboratory. what he means there is not about literally cleaning up the city: he means that if they succeed in forcing out the indigenous population of palestinians they will continue until there are none left.


to be sure, mondoweiss posted something on their blog the other day that makes it abundantly clear what barkat and his terrorist cohorts are up to as they are actively recruiting colonizers from the united states:

The JTA is reporting that Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is coming to the US to drum up support among American Jews for his plans for the city. He hopes to find Jewish “shareholders” for several special economic zones that will focus on culture, life sciences and tourism.

The JTA article doesn’t make it clear whether any of these economic zones will be in East Jerusalem. However it is widely known that one of the areas that Barkat wants to “develop” is the Palestinian neighborhood Silwan, which he is currently threatening with a series of home demolitions to force at least 1,000 Palestinians out of the area. Hillary Clinton criticized him for this plan on her last visit to the region. Here is how he is responding to the criticism on his trip:

Barkat, who favors settling Jews in Silwan — several dozen families have moved into the largely Arab area in recent years — rejects such criticism and says the people who live there will be relocated.

“If you have a group of people trying to plan housing in Central Park, what do you think Mayor Bloomberg would do?” Barkat asked rhetorically. “And this park has more importance than Central Park because of its historical significance.”

…This site often brings up the issue of how American Jews are implicated in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is often thorough their tacit ideological support for Israeli expansionism and militarism, but sometimes it is explicit participation. One example is the new settlement Nof Zion, which is located in the East Jerusalem neighborhood Jabal Al Mukabir, and is being marketed as a luxury destination for diaspora Jews. The website http://www.nofzion.co.il was set up to sell the settlement to American Jews, and gives the contact information for Gita Galbut, the US sales representative based in Miami. The image above (click to enlarge) is from that website. Nof Zion is located between Silwan and Jabal Al Mukabir, severing a crucial point of continuity between Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem. This continuity is essential if East Jerusalem is ever to become the capital of a Palestinian state next to Israel in a two-state solution.

when you read mondoweiss’ report you begin to understand what it is happening is the ethnic cleansing operation that bronner white washes. if you can’t read bronner’s writing and see how he covers up the agenda (which clearly is also his agenda and the agenda of the new york times) then read this report by ghassan bannoura about the house demolitions in al quds that took place last wednesday:

One house, two bedouin huts and an animal shed owned by Palestinians near Jerusalem city were demolished on Wednesday by the Israeli authorities.

All the demolitions took place in al-Eziryiah, a Palestinian town just outside East Jerusalem.

The home, owned by Rabie’ al-Qamari, was demolished on Wednesday midday. Rabie’ told IMEMC that he had all the necessary papers for his home. “They came today with bulldozers and demolished my home. When my son asked them about the demolition order, they attacked him and beat him up. I have all the required papers for my home; the area is under Palestinian control so they have no right to demolish my home.”

Witnesses said that municipality bulldozers from the nearby Israeli settlement of Ma’ali Adomem demolished the house. The municipality told al-Qamari that his home is in an Israeli controlled area. “I have maps showing that my house is located in the Palestinian controlled area; it is not even close to the settlement, so they have no right to do this,” Rabie’ al-Qamari said.

“Before building the house I went to the Israeli army civil administration and they told me the area is controlled by the Palestinian authority and not by them,” al-Qamari added. Earlier on Wednesday morning, the Israeli Army demolished two bedouin huts and an animal shed that belong to Palestinians from al-Eziryiah.

The army told the owners that it was built in an area where the separation wall will be built. The owner, Kaled al-Jahaleen, told IMEMC that the army gave him no warning. “They came today without any warnings and demolished the structures. They did not allow us to move our stuff first.” al-Jahaleen said.

In related news, Hateem Abed al-Qader, Jerusalem Affairs Adviser to the Palestinian Prime Minister, announced on Wednesday that Israelis have handed out 80 new demolition orders for homes owned by Palestinians in Jerusalem city. On Tuesday, bulldozers belonging to the Israeli municipality demolished a Palestinian owned home, located in the Beit Safafa neighborhood of the city.

The flat is part of a seven story-high building owned by Abu Khalaf, a Palestinian from Jerusalem. Israeli troops arrived at Beit Safafa on Tuesday morning and surround the building. Shortly after, troops forced everyone out and demolished the seventh floor. The Israeli municipality says the flat was built without the necessary permission.

Israel has intensified its campaign of demolishing Palestinian-owned homes in the city since the start of 2009. The Jerusalem municipality handed out demolition orders to 96 Palestinian families in the first week of March. In February, demolition orders were issued for 88 homes in the al-Bustan neighborhood, located immediately south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s old city. If these orders are carried out, thousands more Palestinians will become homeless.

this week ma’an news reported that barkat is determined to keep his pledge to create new palestinian refugees:

The Israeli mayor of Jerusalem said he would press forward with a plan to raze an entire Palestinian neighborhood and “relocate” more than 1,000 residents to make way for a park on Thursday.

Mayor Nir Barkat told the Israeli Jerusalem Post newspaper that the Bustan area near Jerusalem’s Old City “must be an open public area.” The Israeli-controlled municipality has handed down demolition orders to 88 houses in the neighborhood.

“It is very fair to assume that [in the end] there will not be residential housing,” in the Bustan area, Barkat said.

According to the Post, Fakhri Abu Diab, a member of the committee organizing opposition to the demolitions, said that he had been approached by a member of the Jerusalem municipal council with an offer to move Bustan’s inhabitants en masse to another area of East Jerusalem.

Residents of Bustan say that they are not going to give up their land. Many homeowners in the area have documents dating back decades that prove ownership of their land.

of course we know who really has been on this land for thousands of years and who it belongs to, but it seems as if there are new layers of evidence and proof in turkey as ha’aretz reports:

A document recently uncovered in Ottoman archives in Ankara confirms that Palestinians are the owners of disputed land and houses in East Jerusalem.

If an Israeli court accepts the document’s validity, Palestinian families’ could be saved from eviction from their homes.

Turkish officials recently helped to trace the document which could end a 30-year-old dispute over the ownership of around 30 buildings in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

The Palestinians’ attorneys said they were granted access to the archives following the recent souring of the relations between Israel and Turkey.

“Until half a year ago the Turks didn’t want to spoil their relations with Israel and were unhelpful,” attorney Hatam Abu Ahmed said. “They would put us off with all kinds of excuses. Today their attitude has changed. We felt this change especially after the Gaza operation. Now senior Turkish officials are helping us.”

In January, attorney Salah Abu Hussein traveled to Turkey and with the help of local officials found a document proving that the Jews demanding the Palestinians’ eviction are not the compound’s rightful owners.

The present residents had lived in West Jerusalem before the War of Independence and after becoming refugees were moved to Sheikh Jarrah. In the ’70s the Sephardic Leadership in Jerusalem claimed they had purchased the land before the war and produced Turkish documents to that effect.

The courts eventually recognized the Sephardic Leadership’s ownership but granted the Palestinians protected tenants’ status.

However, the Sephardic Leadership and a group of settlers who moved into the nearby compound have been demanding the Palestinians’ eviction, claiming they violated their rental terms.

Over the years, several Palestinian families were evicted and other families moved into their houses. The last eviction took place in November 2008 when the al-Kurd family was evicted from its home and moved into a protest tent near its sealed house. Shortly afterward the father, Mohamed al-Kurd died of an illness.

Throughout the years, the Palestinians claimed that the Jews’ ownership documents were forged, but due to the Turks’ lack of cooperation they could not prove this and the courts rejected their suits.

Now the attorneys say the Ottoman document proves that the Sephardic Leadership never purchased the compound but only rented it. Another Ottoman document confirms that the document presented by the Jewish party is not authentic.

“There is no trace of the Jewish document in the archive,” said Abu Hussein.

The attorneys Wednesday asked the court to withhold eviction procedures against two Palestinian families, on the basis of the Turkish document.

The about face in Turkish policy could have far-reaching implications regarding lands in Israel.

“Now it will be possible to issue ownership deeds. The Turks are very well organized and helpful,” Abu Ahmed said.

Attorney Ilan Shemer, who represents the Sephardic Leadership, dismissed the Palestinian attorneys’ claims regarding Palestinian ownership of the land.

“It’s usually the other side that uses false documents. The document we have is the only authentic ownership deed. Since the hearings began, 50 to 60 judges have heard the case and they all ruled that their claims are false.”

of course if laws and legality matter to israeli colonists then they wouldn’t be here in the first place, but it is important nevertheless for palestinians to have access to these documents. and of course for now it seems the documents are only for one area of al quds, but who knows what else exists in the turkish files.

but it is not only homes that israeli terrorists are intent on destroying. they have also been actively intent on destroying palestinian culture. this weekend was the beginning of the festival for al quds as a capitol of arab culture. and israeli terrorists stopped not only these celebrations, but also the mother’s day celebrations on saturday as al jazeera reported:

it seems that it is dangerous for children to not only celebrate their culture, but also their mothers. i guess this makes sense when you see the tshirts that israeli terrorists wear here. ayman mohyeldin reported on the tshirts for al jazeera today and you can see the tshirts in the report, including the one that brags about killing 2 people with 1 bullet (meaning they especially enjoy murdering palestinian women who are pregnant):

this is “israeli culture” as you can see in mohyeldin’s report. palestinians, who actually have a very rich culture which you can see in every square inch of palestine, even those areas israeli terrorists are intent on destroying, is threatening for these colonizers. what they don’t steal, they destroy. nevertheless, palestinians are continuing with their celebrations, albeit many of the activities cannot be in al quds because most palestinians are not allowed to go there. but those who do celebrate are finding themselves injured and kidnapped by israeli terrorists as ghassan bannoura reports:

During Israeli police forces crackdown on an activity organized in East Jerusalem on Monday after noon celebrating “Jerusalem Capital of Arab Culture 2009”, five were injured and eight kidnapped.

The activity was a press conference to announce the continuation of the events for the rest of this year, after the Israeli Interior Ministry announced on Friday that it will stop the event from taking place in Jerusalem city.

Local organizations and community leaders gathered at a protest tent, originally erected at the Shikh Jarah, a Palestinian neighborhood, outside the walls of the old city. The tent was in protest of Israeli diction to demolish Palestinian owned homes there.

Rima Awwad, from the Jerusalem Collation, a group of local NGOs, was their at the press conference, she told IMEMC that” the press conference was about to start, Israeli police stormed the tent and attacked everyone including journalists, they took right people among them on critically injured.”

” Abber Abu Khader, a local organizer, was badly beaten up, she was bleeding from her head and face with the police took her, we were only making a pres conference.” Awwad added.

Among those injured were Hamza Al Na’jee, a Cameraman for Pal-media press, and among those kidnapped were Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement inside the green line.

the crackdown on palestinians’ culture is not limited to al quds–it is also happening in 1948 palestine as al jazeera reports:

Israeli police have prevented Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem from holding events to mark the city’s designation as “capital of Arab culture” for 2009.

About 20 Palestinians were detained in and around East Jerusalem on Saturday, but there were no reports of violence, Shmulik Ben-Ruby, a police spokesman, said.

Police reinforcements were deployed around the city and barricades were set up on routes to the al-Aqsa mosque, Islam’s third holiest site.

Witnesses said that flags and banners associated with the event were confiscated.

At one school, police and soldiers burst balloons in the colours of the Palestinian flag that the children were trying to release to mark the event.

Hatem Abdel Qader, who handles Jerusalem affairs for the Palestinian Authority, was reportedly among those arrested.

Ben-Ruby said the crackdown had been ordered by Israel’s internal security ministry because the celebrations violated understandings with the Palestinian Authority.

Celebrations in Nazareth, Israel’s largest Arab city, were also cancelled by the police.

“This measure is yet another example of the many extreme policies that the various ministries in the Israeli government impose on us,” one event organiser told Al Jazeera.

“These measures are imposed on all artists and people who care about culture. This is a form of prevention of our freedom of expression.

imran garda is on al jazeera’s “inside story” right now discussing this issue and i will post that later when it becomes available. they are showing the palestinian balloons that israeli terrorists were very worried about and didn’t want them released, and once they were they shot many of them down.

al haq released a statement on this and published it in electronic intifada, which reads, in part:

The decision to interfere with the Palestinian cultural events was taken by the Minister of Internal Security at the behest of the head of the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, Nachi Eyal, who described the planned events as an “attempt to demonstrate Palestinian sovereignty in Jerusalem in an illegal manner,” and asserted that Palestinians are obliged “to respect the sovereignty of Israel within the boundaries of the State of Israel, including East Jerusalem.” This patently contradicts clear international legal norms which provide that an Occupying Power is prohibited from extending its sovereignty over the territory it occupies. It is on this basis that the UN Security Council has held Israel’s annexation of occupied East Jerusalem to be “invalid,” and “null and void.” This position has been repeatedly affirmed by the international legal community, including the International Court of Justice, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions.

Indeed, East Jerusalem is incontrovertibly recognized under international law as an integral part of the occupied territory over which the Palestinian people is entitled to exercise its right to self-determination. A foundational principle of international human rights law, the right to self-determination includes the right of peoples to freely pursue their cultural development. The individual rights to freedom of expression, freedom of association and peaceful assembly are also firmly embedded in the lexicon of international human rights law, and have all been violated by the actions of the Israeli authorities in East Jerusalem.

The Israeli authorities have also issued orders preventing related cultural events in Nazareth from taking place, a decision which stands in stark contrast to the permission recently granted by the Israeli High Court of Justice to extremist Israeli settler Baruch Marzel, from the illegal settlement of Tel Rumeida (Hebron), to lead a march through the Palestinian town of Umm al-Fahm on 24 March.

Such double standards show a clear intent on the part of the Israeli authorities to stifle Palestinian cultural identity and expression, while at the same time fomenting provocative manifestations of extremist Israeli ideology.

Al-Haq calls on the international community to:

* Strongly condemn Israel’s illegal measures aimed at altering the status of occupied East Jerusalem and denying the exercise of Palestinian cultural and political rights towards fulfillment of the right to self-determination; and

* Take concrete action towards ending the illegal situation created by Israel’s policies in regard to East Jerusalem, including by refraining from providing any direct or indirect assistance to Israeli violations of international law therein

the white washing clearly extends to far more than forced removal of palestinians from their land. it is a full on erasure of a people, a culture, a land. the is pure zionism. is there any doubt that zionism = racism?


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