happy birthday tamara!!!

tam tam and abu sala7
tam tam and abu sala7

i love this photograph from last summer of tamara and abu sala7. it was taken in beirut. one day they will both return to their beloved falasteen and we will celebrate their birthdays here. in akka, where tamara’s father is from, and in nasra, where her mother is from. in yaffa where abu sala7’s father is from; in nablus where his mother is from. we are separated by a border that european colonists created and enforce. but one day they will be here with plenty of batata and mlukhiyya to fill their stomachs. one day they will return. i will never rest until this birthday wish–for tamara and everyone else i love–comes true.

malak sent me this for my birthday and now i share it with tamara, who first introduced me to the incomparable ahmad qabbour. بحبك كتير


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