petition for joel kovel

this is a bit overdue, but joel kovel, who i have written about previously, has been fired from bard college because he actively works to resist zionism and its stranglehold on the american academy, media, etc. ironically, that same thing that he wages against is the very thing that got him terminated. below is a petition for him. if you haven’t read my earlier posts about him you may search the site, or go directly to joel’s website to read about his case. the link below will take you directly to the petition:

We, the undersigned, protest the decision of Bard College to terminate Professor Joel Kovel’s contract, after 21 years, and reject the college’s interpretation that this was solely for financial reasons. We believe the record to show a pattern of prejudice based on hostility to Professor Kovel’s criticism of Zionism and the State of Israel. (For Kovel’s full statement and chronology of events visit The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) has expressed “concern that [Bard’s] decision to terminate Joel Kovel’s appointment as Distinguished Professor of Social Studies at Bard College may have been, at least in part, politically motivated. [This would] constitute a serious violation of the principles of academic freedom and a threat to all teachers and students who exercise their right to teach about, and speak out publicly on, controversial issues, including Zionism and Israel.” We join with MESA and many people across the world to demand that the Bard administration re-evaluate Joel Kovel’s professorship under fair and just conditions.

notice, by the way, that the zionism of bard college is fully entrenched: instead of admitting and being honest about what they are really doing, which is silencing someone who seeks to dismantle zionism, to work towards giving palestinians their full rights on what is their land, they are pretending as if his firing has something to do with finances. typical zionist perversion of the truth.

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