um al fahm

here is ayman mohyeldin’s report from um al fahm yesterday when israeli terrorists invaded a palestinian village and attacked palestinians: civilians (though i do not believe there is any such thing there) and police alike:

Israeli riot police have fired tear gas and water cannon in clashes with hundreds of Arab youths in the northern town of Umm El-Fehm. The youths were angry at a high court decision to allow a Jewish far-right group to march through the mainly Arab town. Police deemed their counter-demonstration illegal. Ayman Mohyeldin was there.

final note on this: the lesson from um al fahm should be this: that palestinians here in the west bank should look at the response of the people in um al fahm when they learned they were going to be invaded by israeli terrorists. what did they do? they organized as a community: they called for a strike, they organized resistance, they stood together as a people, as palestinian people in 1948 and as palestinian people in general. when was the last time we saw that in the west bank? gaza?


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