suheir hammad interview

much to my delight i woke up this morning to find that suheir hammad was on riz khan’s “one on one” on al jazeera. those who know me know that her words fill my soul and help me to continue the struggle. her words give me strength. if i had to make a choice, without question, i would choose her poetry over food. this is a great interview because we hear suheir speak about her work and her life. it is irritating because i really cannot stand riz khan’s politics. you can see what i mean when he keeps emphasizing that she is “jordanian born” without emphasizing the context of being palestinian, being a refugee. you can see what i mean when talks about her role in annemarie jacir’s film the salt of this sea when he says that her character “travels from brooklyn to israel” without explaining this is because the character is from yaffa and she is returning to her land. a land that was stolen. he is someone who seems to think that there are two sides of the story. he is also someone who gives far too much air time to israeli terrorists on his show. unlike most of the other journalists on al jazeera, they use that time to poke holes in their vapid arguments trying to justify israeli terrorism and colonialism, he just lets them spew their venom and lies. in any case watch because it is the amazing, incomparable suheir hammad:


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