2 palestinian children shot by israeli terrorists (on the day of the palestinian child)

today is the day of the palestinian child. a statement from defense of children international is below. as are 3 related news items. palestinian children are especially under attack (read my post from the other day). read below to understand how.

This year, Palestinian Child Day falls amidst an unprecedented rise in violations of Palestinian children’s rights in the occupied territory.

Israel unleashed a 22-day military assault on the Gaza Strip, codenamed Operation Cast Lead, on 27 December 2008, killing more than 330 children, injuring hundreds of others, destroying homes, services and infrastructure, and traumatizing the entire population. This attack took place during the ongoing blockade of Gaza, now entering its 22nd month. Children, who make up 56 per cent of the population of Gaza, bear the brunt of suffering from these actions, and continue to suffer today, while the blockade is continuing.

Prior to Operation Cast Lead, 90 Palestinian children had been killed by the Israeli military over the course of 2008. The overwhelming majority (74) were not involved in hostilities when they were killed. During the same period, nearly 690 children were arrested, including 14 who were placed in administrative detention (without charge or trial). The occupied Palestinian territory remains a violent and unsafe environment in which to grow up, especially for vulnerable children in refugee camps, along the route of the Wall, and in villages situated near Israeli settlements. Last autumn, we reported an alarming increase in the number of physical assaults by settlers on Palestinian children. In the summer of 2008, two boys were killed by the Israeli army while demonstrating against the construction of the Wall near their village in Ni’lin.

As for the internal Palestinian situation, due to the ongoing factional divisions and fighting, children’s rights are being violated at the very hands of those who are supposed to protect them. During 2008, more than 15 children were killed as a result of internal violence, including internal factional fighting and misuse of weapons. This has had a grave impact on children’s sense of safety and security and their ability to cope. Sadly, Palestinian Child Day coincides with the suspension of the Palestinian dialogue on reconciliation in Cairo. On this occasion and on behalf of all Palestinian children, we appeal to political leaders to resume reconciliation talks and work towards national unity as a priority and a basic condition for the fulfillment of the rights of Palestinian children.

Children require special protection. It is imperative that we work to protect the lives and rights of Palestinian children. There is a need to strengthen child rights standards and services and take all necessary measures to ensure the protection and care of children affected by the conflict. There is also a need to develop an environment free from violence and that maximizes children’s potential to learn, grow and develop. We call for the continuous improvement of the fulfillment of Palestinian children’s rights without discrimination, as well as for their development and education in peace and security. Minimizing the impact of the armed conflict on children is everyone’s responsibility.

In light of this, we must redouble our efforts to fulfill our commitment to all Palestinian children by protecting and promoting their rights as enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Palestinian Child Law adopted in 2004. It is not just the responsibility of the Israeli government or the Palestinian Authority, but the responsibility of all of us as individuals to realise the rights of Palestinian children. Let us work together to achieve this goal.

here is news about israeli terrorists murdering a palestinian girl (yesterday) in 1948 palestine:

Relatives of a 15-year-old Bedouin girl shot dead by Israeli forces on Saturday denied reports she opened fire on a military post before she was killed, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

“It couldn’t be. The police [are] lying and exaggerating. Maybe she was there to make a complaint and got mixed-up,” said Ali Al-Nabari, a cousin of the girl accused of attacking a southern Israeli military post on Saturday.

The Palestinian, identified as 15-year-old Basma Awad An-Nabbari, was from the central Israeli town of Beersheva.

“The person manning the base gate thinks that anyone wearing a kaffiyeh is a terrorist,” he insisted. “His friends shot her for no reason. She is involved in a program for exceptional students and active in social projects. It isn’t logical that someone could have influenced her. She is in school from the morning until the afternoon and she comes straight home from there. There is no internet, or anything else. Maybe the police made up the gun.”

Israeli police said the attack occurred around 2pm when the girl arrived at the Border Guard post and opened fire toward officers, leading them to return fire. No other injuries or damage were reported.

According to another relative, responding to reports from Israeli police that the girl was attempting to avenge the deaths of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, “This is a false claim by the police.” “They are looking to cover up their actions. This could not have been a terror attack.”

“This was a special and kind child,” said a family member. “Why didn’t they show the gun on television? They only filmed her bag. They killed her accidentally and we intend to fight this to the end. We will hire lawyers and petition the courts until everyone knows the truth.”

here is news about a palestinian boy shot and wounded by israeli terrorists in qalqiliya:

A Palestinian teenager was seriously injured by a rubber-coated bullet fired by Israeli troops in the West Bank city of Qalqiliya on Saturday.

The boy, 14-year-old Imad Ash-Shanti, was reportedly struck in the head.

Palestinian security sources told Ma’an that three Israeli armored vehicles invaded the southeastern section of Qalqiliya on Saturday, after which Palestinian youth threw stones and empty bottles at soldiers, who fired on them.

Ash-Shanti was evacuated to a UN hospital nearby, where his condition was described as serious.

and, because of israeli terrorists’ constant attack on the palestinian family more generally there are now a number of palestinian orphans in gaza:

The Islamic Relief Organization in the Gaza Strip reported that 1346 Palestinian children lost one parent or both during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

Mohammad Abu Darraz, head of the Child Center at the organization, reported that in most cases orphaned children lost their fathers.

Darraz stated that there are 5200 orphans in the Gaza Strip, and added that the organization received so far 500 forms asking for sponsorships for orphaned children, but the organization only managed to approve 200.

Israel is facing accusations if committing war crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza as it shelled civilian areas and used White Phosphorous shells.

Numerous eyewitness accounts revealed that Israeli soldiers used civilians as human shields during the war which is a direct violation to the Fourth Geneva Convention.

This is besides the shelling of homes, schools, universities, UNRWA facilities, and even mosques.

Israel embarked the war against Gaza on December 27 2008, and ended it in a “unilateral ceasefire” declaration on January 18, 2009. 1340 Palestinians were killed, more than half of them were children and women. At least 5000 Palestinians were wounded.

how does one commemorate such a day in light of such news? news which is constant, daily, never ending?


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