a third intifada? (updated)

from stories i am hearing from friends from al quds to safa to beit ommar as well as in the media it looks like an intifada is rising up. although most of my friends agree that for a real full-blown intifada to emerge there needs to be one against the palestinian collaborationist authority too. (this includes friends of mine who were long in fatah’s resistance.) one of the reasons why is best expressed by an anonymous blogger i read, al-falasteenyia, says it best when she names fatah and hamas “fatamas”:

Avigdor Lieberman stated that israel hasn’t committed itself to Annapolis or anything else. i couldnt agree with him more!) so, this means that members of fatah and hamas (i shall hereby refer to them as FATAMAS, b/c lets face it, we deserve better) should agree now right? i mean, why should fatamas force itself to abide to previous agreements when israel never has? when israel continues to build settlements? when israel does not (and indeed never has) stuck to the road map- or any other agreement, un resolution, etc? so fatamas, take a hint from lieberman and get over yourselves. (hold up. did i mention that israeli police held lieberman for 7 hours on corruption charges? scandalous! im lovin it!) but lets be real. lieberman isn’t the super racist stud you think he is. as nimer sultany says, lieberman is no abnormality. fact is we got the rest of bibi’s cabinet to deal with.

but for now energy seems to be directed against the main enemy: the zionist colonist terrorists. here is footage from al quds and the fighting between palestinians, who are throwing stones, and israeli terrorists who are shooting rubber-coated steel bullets:

my dear friend nora filmed israeli terrorists in beit ommar today targeting, among other villagers, a 4 year old child. she wrote this about it and she filmed it too (see below):

Today, the Israeli military once again invaded and attacked Palestinian residents of Beit Ommar village. For a few hours, the military had stationed themselves on the border of the village near Safa — where settlers had shot at Palestinians hours earlier. One woman trying to get home in Safa from Beit Ommar told us her brother had been shot by a settler and she was attempting to get home to be with her children who were shaken up. But the road was now full of soldiers and she couldn’t get to her home or her kids.

I captured a video of the soldiers upon their retreat from Beit Ommar — when an Israeli soldier deliberately chucked a heavy sound grenade at the feet of a 4 year old boy.

and my dear friend josie wrote this about her family’s village in safa, which is also besieged by israeli terrorists:

This morning we woke up to more alarming news from the village of Safa where my sister-in-law lives with her family. Following the murder of an Israeli settler in a nearby illegal settlement last week, the families in Safa have endured one form of collective punishment after another.

The men in the village were rounded up by Israeli soldiers and kept in the schoolyard. It’s been reported that 28 men were detained for even longer periods of time. Three homes in the village were taken over by Israeli soldiers and turned into military posts. The whole village was under curfew for more than 24 hours as Israeli soldiers searched (and damaged) homes and the following days all roads leading in and out of the village were blocked.

And now Israelis living in the nearby illegal settlement and Israeli soldiers have attacked the village injuring 38 people.

while the attacks on palestinians is beyond reprehensible, what is beautiful to see everyone resisting, and resisting together. i hope this gains momentum. we need to see more of resistance like this. one of my friends who was beaten up by the israeli terrorists in al quds saturday night defending the jaber home from the israeli colonists, who eventually stole the house and kicked out the family (2 of whom were sent to jail), came to have lunch with me today. he said the resistance he is seeing in the old city feels like an intifada is brewing. a new intifada. a third intifada. an intifada to liberate the land. 100% of it. let’s hope.

UPDATED: there is now video footage of the clashes in safa yesterday. there is resistance! just as the zionists steal land little by little so too will resistance liberate the land little by little.


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