fellow blogger laila el haddad has been trapped in the egyptian airport for over 16 hours now. it should have been a simple passage: land in cairo, get a hotel for the night, find transportation to rafah, and go see her family in gaza city. instead, she has been told she is a “political and security risk” and she is trapped there. they are threatening to deport her and send her back to the united states, where she has been living with her two small children and husband. she has been updating people via twitter as there is wifi at the airport.

it’s not that she wants to go through egypt, she said sarcastically today that she would prefer a parachute if that were possible, but when zionist colonists occupy your land and control your borders, you need to go through neighboring country. unfortunately, her neighboring country, egypt, is controlled by an american puppet who does the bidding of the zionists and americans in the region. never anything for his own people, millions of whom go hungry every night.

my friend sameh habeeb wrote an article today coining a brilliant new phrase: he says palestinians in gaza don’t have a ceasefire they have a siegefire:

The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza, (ECESG) calls upon all International Organization working on the Gaza Strip to intervene immediately. The siege is not only suffocating the people of Gaza and depriving them of basic necessities, it is also breaking international law. In the wake of the siege, which shows no sign of abating after three years, numerous international condemnations and desperate pleas have been shamelessly rejected by the Israeli authorities.

Action urgently required as borders are severely restricted…

Patients still dying and death toll 313 as no exit, no enough medicines…
Tens of thousands displaced…
Re construction not allowed…
Extreme poverty and unemployment paralyzing life…
Freedom of Movement is a taboo…

Crossings operate with low capacity while thousands of basic commodities are still denied entry into Gaza. Many promises have been made to improve the living conditions, which thus far, have not materialized.

and, of course, mubarak is a big part of this siege. at least 50% of it. and his american/zionist partners in crime. here is a perfect example of the malek mubarak (yes, malek because he is in power forever and grooming his son to take over afterwards) and the way he bends over backwards to shamefully lick the ground the israeli and american terrorists walk on even when they s*&^ all over egyptians not to mention arabs and muslims more generally:

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday for an official visit to the Egyptian Sinai resort of Sharm el-Sheik for talks.

Mubarak extended the invitation during a phone conversation with Netanyahu, in which he congratulated the prime minister on the formation of his new government.

The pair stressed the amicable relations between their countries and said they would continue, and even strengthen in the future. No date was set for the Sharm el-Sheik visit.

Netanyahu’s bureau said the premier told Mubarak that, “There is supreme importance to peace between the two countries.” He added that both states had an interest in strengthening that peace in order to counter threats to it.

A statement from the official Egyptian news agency on the conversation did not mention an invitation. It said Netanyahu called Mubarak and pledged to work for peace despite premeditated impressions, a reference to the new Israeli leader’s past opposition to concessions to the Palestinians.

The invitation came after heightened diplomatic tensions between the neighboring states after Egypt’s ambassador to Israel recently threatened to boycott a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the Israel-Egypt peace accord. He threatened to do so to protest the pending appointment to foreign minister of Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman.

Egypt has said it will boycott Lieberman, who is now foreign minister, unless he issues an official apology for past remarks, including telling Mubarak to “go to hell.”

that’s not the only problem with egypt. the government is now unleashing a campaign of harassing and arresting palestinians in egypt: such clear evidence of the mubarak regime doing the dirty work of the zionists:

Egyptian sources reported that the Egyptian police arrested 40 Lebanese, Egyptian and Palestinian nationals, including Arab residents of Israel, accused of aiding Hezbollah and of gathering financial support for Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The arrests were conducted in utmost secrecy nearly six months ago, and relatives of the detained nationals hired Egyptian attorney, Montaser Al Zayyat, to represent them.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Al Zayyat said that he was contacted by the family of a Lebanese national, identified as Hani Sami Shihab, who informed him that their son was detained and that they do not know the reason behind the arrest.

Al Zayyat added that seven Palestinians and a number of Egyptians were also arrested, and the Egyptian intelligence started interrogating them last Saturday.

The lawyer was unable to meet the detained nationals but was informed that the interrogation is currently focused on the role of Hezbollah in the issue at hand.

Seven of the detained nationals are Arab residents of Israel, the rest are Lebanese and Egyptians.

It is worth mentioning that several news agencies reported that Egyptian security forces chased a vehicle in the streets of Cairo and arrested its passengers. All of the arrestees are members of Hamas; nearly 7 million dollars were found with them.

The detained members said that the money was meant to be sent to Gaza to help the some of the residents who lost their homes during the latest Israeli war on Gaza.

The arrests came as Egypt boosted its security measures to stop arms smuggling into Gaza. Egyptian border police already located and demolished dozens of arms smuggling tunnels.

meanwhile israeli terrorists are busy trying to recruit palestinian fisherman as collaborators:

A Palestinian security source revealed that the Israeli intelligence started recently a campaign of arrest and interrogation against Gaza fishermen with the aim of recruiting the largest number of spies in the Strip after Israel lost contact with many of its informers in the last war on Gaza.

The source told Al-Majd website that the last of these arrests took place at dawn Tuesday where the Israeli military navy kidnapped a number of fishermen at sea and took them to an unknown destination.

The source added Israeli Shabak officers interrogate the kidnapped fishermen about the situation in Gaza in general and the Palestinian resistance in particular and threaten them to target them at sea if they do not cooperate.

Al-Majad website, which raises the security awareness among the Palestinian people, met with a number of Gaza fishermen who said that they refused to collaborate with the Israeli intelligence despite its threats.

while palestinian fisherman resist such collaboration in gaza, in ramallah it seems that some palestinians are all too willing to collaborate with their neocolonial american masters:

The United States has been training senior Palestinian security officials in an advanced officers course in Ramallah for top-brass, Haaretz has learned.

The new course, entitled “senior leaders’ course,” is a two-month long program conducted in Ramallah with the assistance and supervision of the U.S., and is part of the project overseen by the U.S. security coordinator in the territories, Gen. Keith Dayton.

So far, the program has produced 80 graduates divided into two 40-student classes. A third class, made up of commanders from the Palestinian National Security – the largest security force with 15,000 members, tasked with policing borders, providing military intelligence, military police services and presidential security – is currently being trained in Jordan.

That class is undergoing special training by Jordanian instructors under American auspices. Most students so far have been army lieutenant colonels and colonels, but the course also accepted commanders from the civilian police, the general intelligence service, the preventative security force and the civilian defense authority.

i’ll leave you on a positive note. lina al sharif, they young blogger in gaza, is also an artist. here is one of her new pieces. you can see the rest on her blog. but i love the message: never forgive, never forget. aiwa, bizabt!

Laila Al Sharif
Lina Al Sharif

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