my press tv interview

i was on press tv’s “middle east today” again last night. i was totally exhausted and drained from grading. so i as not as coherent as i would have liked to be. i was really not in the mood to talk about the “peace process” (better known as delay process or war process) because i think that alternative media should focus on alternative discourse that will actually solve the problem of the colonization of palestinian land. i told them i would go on if they did not put me up against some zion-nazi. they told me, no you’ll be on with phillip giraldi so i said okay. but as is usual with press tv they throw a zion-nazi at you and you don’t realize it until air time. so yesterday i found out that the zion-nazi was daniel pipes. interesting note on the program: i tried several times to bring up issues of the colonization of palestinians in 1948 palestine, palestinian refugees, and boycott, divestment, and sanctions. it seems that both of them ignored these issues entirely. at least that is my recollection. and check daniel pipes on trying to argue that the jews are allowed to have a jewish state on palestinian land because iranians have an islamic state on iranian land. unbelievable. gotta love zion-nazi logic.

so here is the link if you want to see the full interview on press tv and if you want to watch the 5 minute version you may watch the youtube link below. enjoy.


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