on art imitating life


take a look at the above illustration. it was drawn by a young girl in gaza. the image shows an israeli terrorist as the grim reaper murdering a palestinian. and there are many more such drawings where that one came from. it is not because palestinians are educated to hate israelis as some people (read: hillary clinton and her israeli terrorist colonist friends) would have you believe. it is because when you grown up knowing only imprisonment, murder, theft from one group of people that is directed at you and your people this is what you draw. you draw your reality, your experiences. one of those experiences in gaza is most certainly being orphaned as ayman mohyeldin reported on al jazeera about the fate of gaza’s orphans:

you can imagine how such experiences become inflected in one’s artistic creation and self-expression on a number of levels. and, of course, art has a therapeutic effect as well. marwa awad wrote an article in the palestine chronicle where this drawing came from about rod cox who is currently conducting art workshops with children in gaza. there is a video that shows a number of other drawings done by girls in gaza showing that such images are widespread:

art is an essential part of human life. but art–no matter what it depicts–seems to threaten israeli terrorists who choose to target palestinian educational and artistic institutions. alexander billet wrote an article this week for the socialist worker about the targeting of the gaza music school by israeli terrorist forces:

On December 23, the Gaza Music School held its first public performance at the PRCS. Four days later, it was under attack by the Israel Defense Forces. While it didn’t suffer a direct hit, the impact of the bomb across the street took out doors, windows, whole sections of wall and several instruments.

Thankfully, no children were in the building during the attack. The only person in the building was Ibrahim Annajjar, the GMS program coordinator, who sustained only minor injuries. Two days later, he returned to the building to store the remaining instruments in what he thought would be a safe place.

On January 14, the remaining building was reduced to rubble. Almost every musical instrument and resource of the fledgling Gaza Music School was wiped out in Israel’s brutal bombardment.

and although we don’t know who the culprit is at this point in time, the fire at the jenin freedom theatre earlier this week, i would not be surprised to learn that it was started by israeli terrorists as well.


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