zionism’s latest casulties of its racism

is ethnic cleansing not an example of racism? the forced removal of people from their land, from their homes? just like the united states did to indigenous peoples in the americas. here are the latest such examples in the zionist entity. but, no…zionism isn’t racism. what is it then, exactly?

in aqraba:

The Israeli military ordered seven Palestinian families to evacuate their homes and farm buildings within 48 hours on Tuesday.

All of the structures, all southeast of the West Bank city of Nablus, are slated for demolition.

According to Jad’an Qasim, chair of the Al-Falah Society, Israeli authorities decided to demolish the homes and sheds in the Getit area near the Israeli settlement of Mekhora. Families received notices to evacuate their properties within 48 hours, Qasim explained.

He identified owners of the properties to be demolished as Zayd Bani Minna, Khalil Bani Jabir, Jamil Bani Jabir, Ghallab Hammad, Wasif Hammad, Muhammad Hammad, and Abdullah Bani Jabir.

Qasim appealed to the Palestinian Authority and international organizations to intervene and prevent the demolitions.

The effort marks the third mass-demolition announcement in two months, after Israeli authorities warned residents of Al-Baqa’a in south Hebron and Silwan in East Jerusalem that their homes would be destroyed so a settlement can be expanded and park can be built on the areas. Forty will be rendered homeless in Al-Baqa’a and 1,500 in Silwan.

here is rami hannoun’s video diary from al jazeera on his family’s impending forced removal from their home in sheikh jarrah, al quds:

and in other news today a palestinian was killed by an israeli terrorist in a car. i’m just wondering…might this driver be murdered because he is a terrorist like all palestinian drivers who kill israeli terrorists with their vehicles?

A young Palestinian man died after he was struck by an Israeli settler’s car in East Jerusalem late on Monday.

Twenty-seven-year-old Mohammad Ibrahim Sheikh Ali was reportedly struck by the car when he was attempting to cross the street in the French Hill neighborhood, between the Shu’fat Refugee Camp and the Pisgat Ze’ev settlement. Sheikh Ali was from Shu’fat.


5 thoughts on “zionism’s latest casulties of its racism

  1. “is ethnic cleansing not an example of racism? the forced removal of people from their land, from their homes?”

    Not at all! The whole point of the creation of new nation-states after WWI was to consolidate nationalities who previously had been scattered throughout the territories of the collapsed Russian, Austro-Hungarian, and Ottoman Empires. The exchange of populations was often a part of this process. The Arab States were established from this process, and a Jewish National Home in Palestine was also supposed to be promptly established, but the British dithered: the Arabs wanted to rule everywhere and kick out or subjugate every minority in the middle east. In Western Sahara, Chad, Algeria, southern Sudan, Kurdistan, Assyria, Yemen, from the Morocco to the Kenya border and the Shatt-al-Arab these modern-day colonialists are succeeding – except for Israel.

    1. it is not population exchange when foreigners occupy and massacre the indigenous population and continue to force them to leave their homes for over 61 years. this is not the same thing. this is ethnic cleansing in palestine. and it is based on racism. palestinians are not jewish and therefore they are forced off of their land. period.

  2. “it is not population exchange when foreigners occupy and massacre the indigenous population and continue to force them to leave their homes for over 61 years.”

    Come on! If I was massacred how could I then be forced to leave my home for decades? I’m dead, after all!

    Yes, some of the Arabs in Palestine were, according to Abbas, compelled to emigrate. Most Jews fled the new Arab states to Israel in the years after Israel was founded.

    Yes, the Jews of Hebron and other towns were massacred by their Arab neighbors, and few live in or near that town today. But it seems the Arabs were not massacred by Jews as part of a cold-blooded Israeli policy of deliberate depopulation. For decades, those Arabs that chose to accept fealty to the Jewish State were allowed to return.

    So what remains is, basically, a slavering desire for the conquest of Israel by a large part of the Arab nation, and for no good reason, only evil.

    1. no they were not compelled to emigrate. palestinians were forced off their land at gunpoint. obviously those palestinians who were and are massacred are not forced off their land. the massacres are one of the many mechanisms the zionists use to scare palestinians into fleeing. fleeing is not the same as emigration. emigration involves a choice. for palestinians it has always been a choice of death vs. survival. yes as a typical zionist you love to bring up this one example from khalil. i’ve blogged about this before. here is what israeli historian tom segev says about it and you can read more about it on my post about zionist big lies, which clearly you are brainwashed with:

      Tom Segev points out in his articulation of these events: “David Ben-Gurion compared the massacre in Hebron to the Kishinev pogrom, and he would later use the Nazi expression Judenrein to describe Hebron after the Jews left. ‘The pogrom was committed by Hebrons Arab masses,’ wrote Rehavam Ze’evi, who edited a book on the event. ‘All the Arabs of Hebron did this,’ he noted, ‘[w]ith the exception of individuals who provided shelter for their Jewish neighbors.’ He added the Hebron massacre to the historic roster of anti-Jewish persecutions. ‘Pogroms, slaughters, and massacres have been part of our nation’s history in their Diaspora and now this horrifying spectacle has been repeated in the Land of Israel,’ he wrote. But he was wrong. The murder of Jews in Hebron was not a pogrom in the historic sense. Unlike attacks on the Jews of Eastern Europe, the authorities did not initiate the Hebron riots, and the police did not simply stand aside. Raymond Cafferata did his best, but the Hebron police force was just too weak to be effective. Thirty years later David Ben-Gurion wrote, ‘What can a lone British officer do in a city like Hebron?’ He could have been writing about British rule in Palestine as a whole. The British could do very little…. Most of Hebron’s Jews were saved because Arabs hid them in their homes. The community confirmed this, writing, ‘Had it not been for a few Arab families not a Jewish soul would have remained in Hebron.’ The Zionist Archives preserves lists of Hebron Jews who were saved by Arabs; one list contains 435 names. Over two-thirds of the community, then, found refuge in twenty-eight Arab homes, some of which took in dozens of Jews. ‘Arabs were hurt defending their neighbors,’ one Jew testified afterward. Dr. Abdal Aal, an Egyptian doctor, received a letter of gratitude from Colonel Kisch for the assistance he rendered the Jews of Hebron; in addition to the care he gave the wounded, he himself protected an entire family.”

  3. It’s good to know that by no means all Arabs participated in that Massacre. As for the link to your previous post, there is a lot of material there. Did I miss it, or did you skip discussing the context in Palestine between 1900 and 1929?

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