nakba watch

i keep fantasizing that if i will it there will be more hours in the day. kind of like the way i will myself to keep from sleeping so that i can do more writing, reading, work. i feel that there should be a website that is dedicated to monitoring the daily nakbas in palestine. the daily ethnic cleansing. badil does a terrific job in their quarterly magazines to monitor, in detail, the situation of palestinians forcibly removed from their homes, but if you read palestinian news every day there are new families, new places to monitor. it would so great if there could be a website to track this. because it is overwhelming. here are some of the latest manifestations of israeli terrorists removing palestinians from their homes and keeping them in their little ghettoized prisons until the dirty deed is completed (this usually entails months or years of tormenting and terrorizing families into flight before homes are demolished or the israeli terrorists with m-16s come into remove palestinians from their homes).

omar karmi reported in the national about one family in khalil facing removal from their home:

When Fayez Rajabi built a home for his family in the West Bank town of Hebron, he never imagined he would have to fight for more than two years to move into it.

Last December, the 45-year-old car parts dealer thought he might have cleared a major hurdle after the Israeli army evacuated some 250 settlers who had occupied the four-storey building for over a year and a half.

The evacuation made international headlines because the Israeli army rarely moves against Jewish settlers in the occupied territories. Hebron has always been a flashpoint for settler violence and aggressive expansion, but the state infrequently gets involved.

With the help of a local non-governmental agency, he had taken the case to Israel’s Supreme Court, which in Nov 2007 ruled that until ownership could be firmly established, the ultra-right activists must leave.

An army checkpoint has already been erected just outside the house and the settlers and Mr Rajabi have all been barred from entering until ownership has been determined.

clayton swisher reported on al jazeera about another family imprisoned in their home in khalil as well with psycho zion-nazis perverting the truth into some bizarre notion that it is palestinians occupying jewish land (this should be categorized or tagged in a what-the-f*&! category):

saed bannoura reported yesterday that benjamin netanyahu plans to continue such policies of ethnic cleansing, land confiscation, and home demolitions:

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated on Thursday that Israel does not intend to freeze the expansion and construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

The statements of Netanyahu came during a meeting with the Czech Prime Minister, Mirek Topolanek. The Czech Republic is the rotating head of the European Union.

The Israeli PM said that this issue should be parallel, stating the “if the Israeli’s were barred from building in the West Bank, the Palestinians should refrain from building too”.

This blind parallel disregards the fact that settlements in the occupied West Bank are illegal under the international law and constitute a war crime.

Topolanek told Netanyahu that the European Union is concerned that the ongoing construction and expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank would hinder the establishment of an independent, contagious, Palestinian state.

Netanyahu said that the “West Bank is a disputed territory” and that he does not intend to halt the construction and expansion of settlements.

He stated that Israel does not currently plan to expand settlements, but added that “if a settler wants to build a home in a settlement, then there is no problem in that”.

Netanyahu only stated that Israel will be “enforce the law in dealing with illegal settlement outpost”, also referred to by Israel as “random outpost”.

He slammed some European Legislators said that the EU should not upgrade its relations with Israel due to its violations against the Palestinians.

Netanyahu stated that relations with Israel should not be dependent on Israel’s relations with the Palestinians, and added that Israel will not accept preconditions.

The statements of Netanyahu come in direct violation to the international law especially since Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank are built on areas annexed and illegally grabbed from the Palestinians.

It is worth mentioning that, under international law, settlements are considered a form of war crimes.

and in the guardian rory mccarthy shows jerusalem’s mayor as doing much the same thing on the local level, although he likes to pretend that he is not when he speaks about the massive ethnic cleansing operation afoot in al quds:

Israel’s mayor of Jerusalem defended the demolition of houses in the Arab east of the city today and insisted Jerusalem could not be a future capital of a Palestinian state.

Nir Barkat, a secular businessman elected as mayor five months ago, rejected international criticism of demolitions and planning policy in east Jerusalem as “misinformation” and “Palestinian spin”.

There is growing international concern about Israeli house demolitions and settlement growth in East Jerusalem, an area captured by Israel in 1967 and later annexed in a move not recognised by most of the international community. Critics of Israeli policy point out that planning permits are rarely given to Palestinians in East Jerusalem and that space allowed in the east for building is heavily restricted.

Last month the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, described demolitions as “unhelpful” and an internal EU diplomatic report, obtained last month by the Guardian, described them as “illegal under international law” and said they “fuel bitterness and extremism”.

But Barkat told reporters: “There is no politics. It’s just maintaining law and order in the city.” Since January, he said, there had been 35 demolitions, of which 20 were in the east. Asked about the international concern, he said: “The world is basing their evidence on the wrong facts … The world has to learn and I am sure people will change their minds.”

But others on the council disagree. Meir Margalit, an elected councillor from the leftwing Meretz party, said while the demolitions in the east were of Palestinian apartments and houses, in the west of the city they were nearly all small structures added on to buildings, including shopfronts.

Margalit said fewer than 7% of planning applications submitted by Palestinians in East Jerusalem had been successful so far this year, against 14% from the west, while 41% of Palestinian East Jerusalem planning applications had been rejected, against 20% from the west. He said this followed a pattern established over many years, before Barkat’s election.

“The discrimination here is more than ideological,” Margalit said. “It is part of a cultural structure that is the norm in the municipality.” He also produced research showing the municipality spent less than 12% of its budget in the east, where roads are often potholed and services are poor.

Barkat said he wanted to improve the life of all the city’s residents, Jewish and Arab, but that he was committed to maintaining a Jewish majority. Jews make up around two-thirds of the city’s population.

He said he could not accept East Jerusalem becoming the capital of a future Palestinian state. “Jerusalem, both ideologically and practically, has to be managed as a united city, as the Israeli capital, and must not be divided,” he said.

Barkat said he wanted the Israeli government to build a Jewish settlement in an area of the occupied West Bank east of Jerusalem known as E1, a project the US has opposed. He said E1 was part of the “holy land of Israel” and could serve to allow the city’s Jewish population to expand outwards. “I see no reason in the world why the Israelis must freeze expansion and the Palestinians can build illegally,” he said. Under the US “road map”, which remains the basis of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel is committed to freezing all settlement building. Settlements in occupied land are widely regarded as illegal under international law.

all of this ethnic cleansing is based on the racist idea that only jews have a right to live in palestine, which is not a jewish land, but arab land. to get some context on the bigger picture watch this clip of stories from the arab media on the united nations conference against racism:

and here is the united nations high commissioner for human rights, navi pillay, speaking about the massive propaganda campaign against the conference (which was led by the zionist entity, though she does not mention it) which led to the boycott of it by eurocentric racist nations with colonial pasts and neocolonial presents:


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