gaza & zionism

dr. mads gilbert was on grit tv with laura flanders this week. the interview is excellent on a number of levels–for his specificity about war crimes he witnessed by israeli terrorists while working in al shifa hospital in gaza, for his analysis of the situation on the political level. i can never get enough listening to him speak. one of the points he raises here is in relation to the fact that during world war ii so little of the world did anything to stop nazi germany even while they knew what was happening and he links this to the world watching and refusing to intervene in the massacres in gaza:

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the historical analogies that gilbert raises are similar to what caryl churchill does in her play “seven jewish children: a play for gaza.” this play, written as a response to the massive war crimes committed by israeli terrorists in gaza, offers insight into the minds of zionists deciding what to tell their children about their complicity in these crimes. do they cover them up? do they rationalize them? this is a very clear illustration of zionist hypocrisy much like the kind gilbert exposes. there is one version of the play you can see as a monologue on the guardian newspaper’s website by clicking here. the other version, produced in chicago, i think is much more interesting, however. the second version, below, was done by rooms productions in a 3 hour looped performance installation. churchill has stipulated that all proceeds from performing this play are sent to medical aid for palestinians.


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