how to become a colonist in palestine

al jazeera’s jacky rowland shows her producer going undercover to buy a jewish-only home in occupied palestine. very interesting footage and story:

one thing she left out, however, about this company rowland investigates. the company, anglo-saxon real estate (just a little hint there about the type of jews they are looking for as neighbors), is a subsidiary of israeli terrorist colonist lev leviev diamond billionaire’s company africa-israel. for an understanding of the colonial relations between the zionist entity’s lev leviev and africa click this link to see my earlier post about it. here is what his “real estate” firm says about their business of stealing land (though of course they don’t acknowledge it as such):

Anglo-Saxon is a firm company operating according to the franchise method that deals with all types of real estate marketing and brokerage: lands, apartments, luxury apartments, houses, industry buildings, offices, commercial grounds, warehouses, stores, etc. The chain is owned by Africa-Israel LTD. The chain includes 52 offices throughout the country, spread from the suburbs of Haifa in the north to Eilat in the south, including sales offices in various construction sites throughout the country. Anglo-Saxon is the strongest brand in this industry, well-known to about 85% of the potential customers in Israel. The company applies the most advanced working methods in the industry. The job of the chain’s management is to supply these branches and offices with an infrastructure of means and tools that should help them meet their business objectives. This finds its expression in many aspects, such as marketing, various means of public relations and advertisement, infrastructure of training and organizational development, a School for Real Estate and Courses for Real Estate Dealers and Consultants, of the leading ones in the industry, as well as development of internal communication channels within the chain, development of data bases, and more.

one of these colonists hit a palestinian today with her car, though i don’t believe this terrorist will be killed for using her car as a weapon…:

A Palestinian teen was injured when an Israeli settler rammed her with his car near the southern West bank city of Hebron on Thursday morning.

Local sources said the settler fled the scene before Israeli military and police arrived at the location.

Hind Alemor, 15, sustained cuts and bruises and was moved Hebron city hospital for treatment, medical sources reported. She comes from the village of Yatta near Hebron city, the sources added.


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