the bully on the block

i often think of the zionist entity as a school yard bully. they constantly push the envelope to see how much they can get away with without anyone stopping them. unfortunately, they are successful in this regard. they can announce all of their ethnic cleansing ahead of time in the press and know that no one will stop their plans. take, for instance, the announcement of plans to demolish part of a church in the old city of al quds:

Orders have been made to demolish a two-floor addition to a monastery and church in the Old City of Jerusalem, Aide for Jerusalem affairs Hatem Abdul Qader reported on Wednesday.

The orders were made by the Israeli municipal government of Jerusalem, and target structures such as a two story addition to the Armenian Catholic Church. Clergy from the order have requested help in fighting the order.

The addition was built to house religious figures visiting Jerusalem from Vatican City. The 150-year-old structure is built on land owned by Belgium’s monarchy.

notice there is no christian uproar over this demolition. the same may be said of the israeli terrorist colonist government open plans about stealing palestinian land in the silwan area of al quds:

<blockquote>Interior Minister Eli Yishai said Sunday that he was developing a plan to settle Jews in the City of David in Jerusalem. “The City of David and everywhere in Jerusalem that was the origin of our growth is our sovereign right,” he said.

Yishai was speaking at a meeting with Jewish entrepreneurs who had purchased property in the east Jerusalem village of Silwan. In response, a Palestinian official said Israel’s government was “a government of settlers and settlements”.

and today more palestinians in al quds received orders that their homes would be demolished, too:

The Israeli municipality handed out a new wave of demolishing orders on Monday to Palestinian families in Jerusalem old city and around it.

Hatim Abdul-Qader, Jerusalem Affairs Advisor to the Palestinian Prime Minister, told reporters that the orders include homes inside Jerusalem’s old city and in the predominated Palestinian neighborhoods of Wadi Al Joz and Damascus Gate.

Abdul-Qader added the Jerusalem popular committee will go to court to fight this new wave of demolishing orders.

The municipality says the homes are built without the needed permission. Since Israeli occupied the city of Jerusalem in 1967 it has rarely given Palestinian living in Jerusalem permissions to built homes. Israeli increased its campaign of demolishing Palestinian homes in the city since the start of this year.

The Jerusalem municipality handed out demotion orders to 96 Palestinian families in March, while another 88 such orders were issued in February.

likewise when more palestinian land is being stolen to enlarge one of the biggest colonies in the west bank it seems to generally go unnoticed:

Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai has decided to approve recommendations by a special committee within the Israeli Interior Ministry to expand the illegal West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim by 12,000 dunums (12 million square meters).

Expansion will include 6,000 housing units to be built between the Ma’ale Adumim and Qedar settlements, it was announced on Sunday morning.

Yishai examined the committee’s recommendations last week, saying, “The decision will be pro-Israeli, despite expected international reactions.”

Israel plans to intensify settlement activities so as to leave the northern and the southern West Bank districts without any geographical contiguity. They also plan to isolate Jerusalem from the rest of West Bank district as part of a bigger plan known as “Greater Israel.”

or, when an entity like the united nations does speak out it does so in a way that is never backed up with action:

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs called on Israel to freeze demolishing orders against dozens of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem. The Office added that the Palestinians can only build on 13% of Jerusalem’s lands while the Jewish settlements occupy more than 35% of Jerusalem.

The UN office reported that this policy is illegal and comes in direct violation of the International Law.

The UN report said that the houses of more than 60.000 Palestinians in Jerusalem are facing demolition and that the Jerusalem municipality lacks proper investment and construction plans for the overcrowded Palestinian neighborhoods.

The UN added that the situation of Palestinian neighborhoods is worsening especially since many Palestinian residents of Jerusalem living near of the Annexation Wall had to move into the Old City in order to avoid being separated from the City.

The UN office stated that the Jerusalem Municipality only grants 100 to 150 construction permits for the Palestinians each year, while the number of construction permits submitted to the municipality increased from 138 to 283, Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported.

The report also revealed that in the first quarter of 2009, Israeli authorities demolished 25 Palestinian residential buildings in the E1 area between Maaleh Adumim settlement and East Jerusalem.

Israel still intends to demolish 3000 homes in Area C which is under Israeli military and civil control, and occupies 60% of the West Bank.

The United Nations said that between the years 2000 and 20007, the Israeli Civil Administration office, which is under the Israeli Military Control, rejected 94% of Palestinian applications for construction permits in area C.

rory mccarthy reported on the ocha report mentioned above and offered some context on this in the guardian the other day with respect to palestinian homes demolished in al quds:

A 2007 survey, quoted in the UN report, found that more than half of the displaced families took at least two years to find a new permanent home and often moved several times in the process. Children missed out on school and suffered emotional and behavioural problems for months, with poor academic records over the longer term.

The authorities in Jerusalem challenged the UN report and denied “the accusations and numbers throughout”. Israel’s Jerusalem municipality accepted there was a “planning crisis” but said it was “not just in eastern Jerusalem but throughout all of Jerusalem that affects Jews, Christians and Muslims alike”. It said the mayor would present a new plan for the city.

“Recent events indicate that the Jerusalem municipality will maintain, and possibly accelerate, its policy on house demolition,” the UN report said. “Israel should immediately freeze all pending demolition orders and undertake planning that will address the Palestinian housing crisis in East Jerusalem.”

Last week, Barkat, who won election five months ago, rejected international criticism of demolitions and planning policy as “misinformation” and “Palestinian spin. There is no politics. It’s just maintaining law and order in the city,” he said. “The world is basing its evidence on the wrong facts.The world has to learn and I am sure people will change their minds.”

Barkat said he wanted to improve the life of all the city’s residents, Jewish and Arab, but that he was committed to maintaining a Jewish majority. Jews make up around two-thirds of the city’s population.

The UN said nearly a third of East Jerusalem remained unplanned, meaning there could be no construction. Even in planned areas there were problems, including the number of small privately held plots, poor infrastructure and few resources.

Although the number of permit applications more than doubled between 2003 and 2007, the number of permits grants remained relatively flat, the UN said. There was a gap between housing needs and permitted construction of 1,100 housing units a year. “Due to the lack of proper urban planning, the under-investment in public infrastructure and the inequitable allocation of budgetary resources, East Jerusalem is overcrowded and the public services do not meet the needs of the Palestinian population,” the report said.

still, reports aside, there is no follow up. they do not do anything to halt these house demolitions. this lack of action on the part of agencies or nation states around the world emboldens israeli terrorists to move ahead with their plans to attack palestinians, their homes, and their land. and this has been happening quite a bit this week as in al khader village:

An Israeli settler destroyed at least 10 dunums of Palestinian land and damaged at least 140 more when he drove a bulldozer over agricultural land near the town of Al-Khader on Friday.

The settler, who appeared to be acting alone, left the illegal West Bank settlement of Efrata with a bulldozer in the early hours of Friday morning and dug a road down the center of a large swath of a land growing almond trees and grapevines, crushing hundreds of plants under the wheels of the vehicle.

The land, in the Abu Bkir area just outside the center of town, is privately owned by several Al-Khader families. Locals said the settler appears to be attempting to confiscate the land and impose “de facto” realities preventing Palestinians from using it.

in safa village palestinians and their land were also attacked by israeli terrorist colonists last week:

Palestinian sources in the southern West Bank city of Hebron reported on Thursday at night that a group of extremist Israeli settlers of Beit Ein settlement attacked a number of homes in Safa village, near the city.

The sources added that at least twenty armed settlers opened fire at a number of homes and set ablaze and agricultural land.

Dozens of residents tried to stop the settlers and gathered in the street of the village to defend their homes.

Later on, Israeli soldiers arrived in the area and closed roads linking Safa village with the nearby Beit Ummar town.

Settlers of Beit Ein settlement carried repeated attacks over the last two weeks and uprooted hundreds of olive and almond trees, in addition to uprooted grapevines that belong to the villagers.

and yet palestinians continue to resist in many ways, often merely by staying in their homes, on their land. zeina awad covered a story for al jazeera on a bedouin family that has been displaced multiple times by israeli terrorist colonists:

and here you can see other methods of terrorism used by israeli colonists such as eco-terrorism to force palestinians off their land:


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