more on those bible thumping american terrorists in afghanistan

i cannot get enough of james bays reporting on the story he broke yesterday on al jazeera about the americans proselytizing evangelical christianity in afghanistan. i love how it is making american terrorists in uniform there squirm. bays was on “inside story” tonight and i’ll post it later when it comes online. but before i get into all that let’s just take a loot at what these good christian american men and women spent their day doing today (hint: it involves murder of innocent afghan civilians):

Up to 50 civilians have been killed in an air raid by US forces in Afghanistan, according to Afghan officials.

The attack happened during a battle between Taliban fighters and joint Afghan-US-led forces in Farah province, local authorities said on Tuesday.

Villagers transported about 30 bodies to the provincial capital to show the governor, said Abdul Basir Khan, a member of Farah’s provincial council.

Mohammad Nieem Qadderdan, the former top official in the district of Bala Baluk, told the Associated Press news agency about 10 houses had been destroyed in the attack.

He said: “These houses that were full of children and women and elders were bombed by planes.

“People are digging through rubble with shovels and hands.

“It is very difficult to say how many were killed because nobody can count the number, it is too early.”

Belqis Roshan, a member of Farah’s provincial council, said that fighting had broken out after Taliban fighters massed in the province near the village of Gerani.

Villagers put children, women, and elderly men in several housing compounds away from the fighting in order to keep them safe.

But the villagers said fighter aircraft later targeted the compounds, killing a majority of those inside, Roshan and other officials said.

The villagers’ claims were echoed by wounded villagers who travelled to Farah’s hospital for care, with some saying many family members had been killed.

Colonel Greg Julian, the top US spokesman in Afghanistan, confirmed the attack, which took place on Monday, and said that reports of civilian deaths were under investigation.

Farah’s provincial police chief said that “more than 25 Taliban” and three Afghan policemen died in the fighting.

He could not confirm the reports of civilian casualties.

Civilian deaths have caused increasing friction between the Afghan government and the US, which is fighting Taliban forces in the country having driven them from power in 2001.

meanwhile they want to “represent the christian faith in a respectful manner” we learn in the video below. they need to show the afghan people that they are good people. so i ask you: do good people bomb villages day in and day out for eight years? i really feel that these people are psychotic thinking that they are just spreading the word of god. and this doesn’t even begin to touch the issue of massive cultural and religious insensitivity. but here we see the american terrorist soldiers instructing each other on how to proselytize by giving bibles as “gifts” so it doesn’t seem like it is proselytizing. ah, ok, so they also think afghan people are stupid. (actually, you’ll see how stupid the american soldiers are when they reveal their deep ignorance about afghan people in the first video.) i see. you’ll see how afghan people regard these so-called gifts in the second video in which james bays reports on these so-called “gifts.” but in the first video just listen to how deeply ignorant these soldiers are when they talk about how they must be respectful of afghan’s religion and culture “that’s what a christian does” we are told. really? in what universe does forcing your religion on other people register in the same vein as respect? and what human beings show respect with bombs and then later bibles? unbelievable. watch for yourself. the first video is from filmmaker brian hughes (former military man himself) and the second is james bays reporting.

oh, the hypocrisy, the hypocrisy!


One thought on “more on those bible thumping american terrorists in afghanistan

  1. “…no SPECIFIC religion.”
    Just christianity in general.

    I am always struck by the trickery religious folks use in their work. I guess they figure god created trickery so it’s okay to use it.

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