mossad’s collaborators & loot

in the last couple of months the lebanese media has been reporting a number of cases of discovering and arresting spies for the zionist entity. here is a report from may third in an nahar:

Lebanese authorities have arrested 3 more people on suspicion of spying for Israel, taking to 10 the number of alleged spies arrested since January, a security official said on Sunday.

The unidentified suspects were arrested in the village of Habboush in central south Lebanon “and initial indication shows that they were spying for Israel,” the official said.

Two Lebanese men and a Palestinian were arrested on April 25 also on suspicion of spying for Israel and were linked by the authorities to a retired general security officer arrested for spying earlier that month.

Former Brig. Gen. Adib al-Aalam was arrested along with his wife Hayat Saloumi and nephew Joseph Al-Aalam and charged in April with espionage — a charge that carries the death sentence.

The three are accused of informing Israel about Lebanese and Syrian military and civilian sites “with the aim of facilitating Israeli attacks,” a judicial official said last month.

Aalam was arrested at his office near Beirut on April 14 along with his wife. He ran a housekeeping service which he allegedly used as a front to spy for Israel.

A 10th suspect, Marwan Fakih, was arrested in south Lebanon in February.

here is another one from an nahar the following day, may 4th:

Lebanese authorities have arrested six more people on suspicion of spying for Israel, taking to 16 the number of suspected spies arrested since January, an army spokesman told AFP.

The latest arrests include a policeman and his wife, who were taken into custody late on Sunday in Beirut’s southern suburbs.

On Sunday, three suspects were arrested in the village of Habboush in south Lebanon “and initial indications show that they were spying for Israel,” a security official said.

and this is from an nahar on may 9th:

The number of Israel-linked cells that security forces discovered in the past two months rose to six as head of the Internal Security Forces, Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi said the ISF made the strongest security strike against the Mossad.

Pan-Arab daily al-Hayat said that 17 people were arrested in the past two months for allegedly spying for Israel. The latest arrests were made on Friday when police seized five people in the south. Mahmoud Ahmed Shehab and his brother Hussein were arrested in the town of Ghaziyeh. Authorities also arrested Mouna Qandil, Hussein’s wife.

Later in the day, police seized two brothers who hail from Bint Jbeil. One of the siblings lives in the town of Qana. They were identified as Shawkat and Hussein Abbas.

“The ISF moved in the past two years to an advanced stage in its confrontation against Mossad cells and networks” after improving technological means and receiving funding to build a device to pursue alleged spies, Rifi told As Safir newspaper in remarks published Saturday.

“Six months following the implementation of our plan we were able to arrest an agent who confessed to having ties with Israel. But we didn’t speak out about him at the time because we assumed that the device is not sufficient and we shouldn’t brag about it before laying our hands on the remaining members of the cell,” Rifi added.

He said security forces began pursuing and dismantling spy rings after Israel decided to improve the function of these cells beginning this year.

“We cooperated with the security of the resistance (Hizbullah),” Rifi told As Safir, adding that seizing Adib al-Alam, a retired general charged with spying for Israel last month along with his wife and his nephew, “was an important factor in finding other cells and networks.”

“We were able to make the strongest security strike against the Israeli Mossad,” Rifi stressed.

A security source told As Safir that the ISF in cooperation with the army intelligence and Hizbullah’s security was able through the Alam network to discover the other cells.

“We monitored the activities of several people since early 2007 …. And later on we were able to unveil the Israeli intelligence system in Lebanon,” he added.

Al-Hayat quoted sources close to the arrests as saying that all networks uncovered until now, including the Alam cell, function in the same way and use the same techniques to observe, monitor and photograph specific locations.

The discovery of the Alam cell’s communication means also facilitated the arrest of other networks, particularly that each ring has a limited number of members.

Israeli officials refused to comment on the arrests. “It is not our practice to comment on these sorts of allegations when they arise, not in this case, not in any case,” government spokesman Mark Regev said.

Pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat also quoted a former Mossad official as saying the silence is “very natural.”

“What shall we say? If (we say) they are our agents we would be acting like (Hizbullah leader Sayyed) Hassan Nasrallah who admitted that the leader of the terrorist cell in Egypt belongs to Hizbullah … If we deny … we would anger former agents” whom we had exposed in the past, the ex-Mossad official told the newspaper.

and here is my favorite part–the evidence–as reported by clayton swisher on al jazeera:

i hope that this leads the rafiq al harri tribunal on a different path: looking south instead of east for the culprit of that and other assassinations in the past few years in lebanon.


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