snapshots from ramallah

snapshot #1: yesterday i had a meeting in ramallah. as i walked through huwara checkpoint i saw a palestinian woman in front of me being questioned by the soldier. i heard his accent. i knew instantly he was american. i handed him my passport. he asked me, “where are you from?” (note: i get annoyed when i am asked this question when people have my passport in their hand so i tend to get a bit bitchy about it). i said, “same place you are from.” he said, “where is that?” i said, “can’t you read?” he said, “oh, california. i’m from connecticut.” he handed me back my passport and i said, “then go back home. you don’t belong here.”

an nakba instructions in ramallah
an nakba instructions in ramallah

snapshot #2: i get to ramallah and see nakba posters everywhere instructing people about the events for yom an nakba next week. it is totally uninspired and feels really forced. it feels like it is a sulta event given the way these posters are ONLY in ramallah and nowhere to be found in nablus.

nakba posters in manara square, ramallah
nakba posters in manara square, ramallah

snapshot #3: i went to pick a friend up at her foreign ngo in ramallah for dinner. her ngo is working on supporting the palestinian security forces. the security forces which exist solely to do the dirty work of the zionist entity’s colonizing project. this is one example of the sacrifices palestinians have to make to find work in palestine–to work against their own interests.

snapshot #4: at dinner my friend’s brother, a student at birzeit university, says to me that obama is a good president because his father is muslim. i hear this a lot. and it annoys me to no end. all i have to say is this: hosni mubarak, king abdullah (both of them), fouad siniora, mahmoud abbas, nouri al maliki. all of these men are muslim. enough said. how about we start judging people on their behavior rather than on what religion they are born into?


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