…and the nakba continues

today two more al quds families are being ethnically cleansed from their homes as ma’an news reports:

Two Palestinians are scheduled to appear before an Israeli court on Sunday for refusing to evacuate homes that settlers are claiming to own.

The two Palestinians, Abed Al-Fatah Al-Ghawi and Maher Hanun, were ordered to appear in court after the refused to willingly evacuate their homes in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem.

One of the two residents, Maher Hanun, had previously spent three months in an Israeli prison for refusing to evacuate his home, which he insists he never sold to settlers.

The Israeli court disagrees, and has ruled that the homes must be evacuated.

and in gaza palestinians live their third or fourth nakba like hamid al mallahi, a fourteen-year-old boy in beit lahiya who now lives in a tent since israeli terrorists destroyed his family’s home. this report by casey kauffman on al jazeera gives you an idea of what young hamid is up against as he tries to study and live a “normal” life in a tent in gaza:

in gaza there are some families who are now down to one meal per day because of the israeli terrorist siege on palestinians in gaza as erin cunningham reports in electronic intifada:

Umm Abdullah cannot remember the last time she was able to feed meat to her eight children. She does know that for the past week the single meal she cooked for them each day consisted only of lentils. And that on one day, she had received aid coupons from the United Nations, which she subsequently sold to buy tomatoes and eggplant at the local market.

Umm Abdullah is a 42-year-old dressmaker and hails from Jabaliya, a cramped refugee camp on the outskirts of Gaza City. Stories like hers are commonplace across the Gaza Strip, where years of sanctions, siege and now war have battered the territory’s economy and put many essentials out of reach for the majority of the population.

“We live day to day, nothing more,” says Umm Abdullah, who made less than three dollars in profit over the last three days. “If we can eat once a day, that is good enough for us.”

While the prices of food and other goods have cooled off from the record highs they hit during Israel’s three-week assault, the World Food Program (WFP) reports that a number of items, many of them basic, remain more expensive for Gaza’s residents than they were before the attacks.

Sugar, rice, onion, cucumber, tomato, lemon, pepper, chicken, meat, fish and garlic were all more expensive for Gaza’s residents in March 2009 than they were in December 2008, the WFP says.

The price of pepper per kilogram doubled, while the cost of onions jumped 33 percent. Fresh chicken is now 43 percent more expensive than before the attacks, a result of the destruction of a number of poultry farms across Gaza throughout the assault.

The decimation of wide swathes of agricultural land, as well as cattle and sheep farms, has added to Gaza’s growing food insecurity.

and it seems that the zionist entity is already well on its way to criminalize palestinians commemorating an nakba:

Israeli police detained three Jerusalemites in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound as they participated in a commemoration ceremony marking the 61st anniversary of the Nakba.

More than 300 female university students arrived in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound to jointly commemorate the Nakba, when 61 years ago hundreds of thousands of their parents and grandparents generation were driven out of their homes and villages to make way for the State of Israel.

As the women began to gather in the compound Israeli forces forcibly evicted them, confiscated posters and pamphlets about the Nakba from two female university students who were then detained and taken to the Western Wall, or Al-Buraq, police station.

A third Palestinian, Nawwaf At-Touri, was also detained as he lead a clean-up campaign in the ancient Islamic cemeteries surrounding the Al-Aqsa compound. He was one of hundreds of Palestinian students from inside Israel who arrived at the cemetery to tend to the graves and privately mark the Nakba.


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