obama’s orwellian discourse

kabobfest posted this video clip from an american talk show called “the view” the other day. it features jesse venture the wrestler-turned-politician from minnesota arguing with some vapid white chick named elizabeth hasslebeck about torture. she’s has bought the new rhetoric line that waterboarding and other american methods of torture are what americans like to call now “enhanced interrogation techniques.”
ventura who was waterboarded as a part of his military training with the navy seals says unequivocally that it is torture. and that we created a hanoi hilton in guantanamo. and he puts the airheaded ideologue hasselbeck in her place when he says: “it’s a good thing i’m not the president because i’m an independent. i would prosecute the people who did it. the people who ordered it. and they would all go to jail.”

meanwhile on al jazeera’s “the listening post” with richard gizbert they cover the buzz in the media over the torture memos this week. they quote a line from a letter to the new york times that says:

The Times would not call a bank robbery a brutal cash gathering technique even if a president said it was so.

but of course this is precisely what the phrase “enhanced interrogation techniques” does to the word torture. it obscures it from reality. here is the first half of the episode:


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