netanyahu’s no’s

1. no to al quds

“Netanyahu’s remarks have sabotaged all initiatives, paralysed all efforts being made and challenges the Palestinian, Arab and American positions,” said Nabil Abu Rdainah, noting Mr Netanyahu’s demand that Jerusalem be the undivided capital of Israel and that Palestinian refugees not be allowed into Israel.

2. no to refugees right of return

Netanyahu also said the Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and he declared that the solution of the Palestinian refugee problem must be “outside Israel.”

3. no to stopping the expansion of colonies

Israel would not accept any situation in which it was forced to exist beside a “terrorist” state. Every withdrawal from settlement territories would contribute to such “terror”, said Netanyahu. He stressed that Palestinians must accept Israel as a Jewish state.

4. no to the right of palestinians to defend themselves or resist foreign colonists occupying their land

“Any peace settlement must have a demilitarised zone controlled by Palestinians.”

on al jazeera diana buttu called this a “dictation of peace” and a “surrender agreement.”

my response: remember the 3 no’s of khartoum after the 1967 war:

Dazed and humiliated they instead proclaimed the “three nos” at the Khartoum conference two months later: no peace, no negotiations and no recognition.


4 thoughts on “netanyahu’s no’s

  1. It’s disturbing how racists have no problem accepting the “Islamic Republic of Iran” and the “Arab Republic of Egypt”.
    Are there non-Muslims in Iran? Of course. Are there non-Arabs in Egypt? Of course.
    Do Iran and Egypt expect the world to recognize them as legitimate countries? Of course.
    But when Israel asks the same, everybody starts yelling “racism racism” and makes every excuse about why it’s ok for other countries to be recognized by their religion or creed, yet not so for Israel.
    And, of course, Marcy is long on the “resistance” bandwagon, which means that Palestinians do not have to adhere to international law when it comes to killing civilians.
    I’m always amazed that racists love to cite human rights laws when they criticize Israel, but any time a Palestinian murders an Israeli civilian this is “legitimate resistance to the occupation.” Of course it isn’t resistance, it’s murder and it’s a war crime.
    And as for the fable of the Palestinians being the original residents, the racists have to be reminded that the Jews come from “Palestine” and have been refugees for 2000 years. Sorry, but there is no statute of limitations on refugee status. If Jews originated in “eastern Europe” as the Palestinian propaganda line goes, then how did the Arab states commit ethnic cleansing in the 1950s by kicking out all their Jews and stealing their land and assets?
    If it’s ok for the Arab countries to kick out a million Jews, then why the double standard for Palestinians? And if it’s not ok, then heck, let’s start the public debate about how to repatriate the Jews from Morocco and Yemen and Iraq and Egypt and other countries and give them back their property and billions in assets stolen from them.

    1. it is too bad that you feel the need to spew your zionist ignorance here. why don’t you try reading some history before speaking? if you had read your history you would know, for instance, that it was israel that bombed jewish neighborhoods in baghdad and cairo and tried to blame arabs for these attacks. this is the reason why they left their countries, which most did not want to leave. they were misled and until now the racist zionist state treats them badly as can be seen in this recent demonstration by mizrahi jews:

      as for iran and egypt: of course they can have islamic republics. they have not colonized and stolen land in order to create those republics. that is the difference.

      and, yes, colonized people have a right to resist their colonizers. yes, in international law this is allowed.

      read before you speak so you don’t sound so woefully ignorant.

      1. Israel bombed Cairo and Bagdad in the early 1950’s?
        Wow – where did you make that one up?
        Care to share with us some evidence of these “bombings”?
        And did Israel do it in Moroccco too? Did they bomb Marakesh?

        Show us some proof of these silly claims you are making. You sound like some teenager trying to make up some good lies for the Gong Show.

        And next you’ll tell us that the Jews in Hebron simply killed themselves in 1929 when they attacked their peaceful Arab neighbors.

        The truth is that Arab countries are mostly racist and practice apartheid – that’s why they kicked the Jews out during the ethnic cleansings they carried out.

        And while we’re at it, you should read today’s Amnesty International report about Hamas “resistance to the occupation”:
        “Amnesty International has repeatedly condemned Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli civilian population centres…”
        “Whether or not attacks actually result in civilian casualties, they are in violation of international law, which also prohibits attacks aimed at spreading terror among the civilian population. The patterns of attacks and statements by members and leaders of Palestinian groups also indicate that they have no qualms about launching attacks against civilians and that they in fact carry out such attacks intending to kill and injure Israeli civilians. Such attacks constitute war crimes.”

        Amnesty International report, July 2, 2009

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