at least some people can exercise their right of return…

although i’m sure the undeclared american war on pakistan is far from over, imran khan reported on al jazeera today that many pakistani refugees are returning home:

refugees, whether they are able to remain within the borders of their country or are forced to flee to neighboring countries, deserve the right to make the choice about whether and when they wish to choose to return home. i suspect that this is not the end of the plight of these refugees as it does not seem that the drones will stop any time soon. jeremy scahill recently responded to an article in the wall street journal about the american drones bombing pakistan:

It is very telling that the WSJ editorial—with no apparent shame—fails to mention the U.S. drone attacks last month that may have killed more than 80 people in Pakistan, including as many as 70 people in a U.S. bombing of a funeral procession in a tribal area. The WSJ editors defend the attacks, saying they are killing “high value targets,” saying of those killed by U.S. drone strikes, “Is the world better off with these people dead? We think so.” But the fact is that some statistics from the Pakistani government suggested that of the 700+ people killed in these U.S. drone strikes since 2006, 14 were “high value targets” or “al Qaeda” leaders and the vast majority were civilians. In this case, the real question is: “What does it say about the U.S. that its government authorizes the killing of these civilians?”

amy goodman had an interesting interview on democracy now! with imran khan (the cricketer not the al jazeera reporter) about the u.s. war on pakistan a few weeks ago, which is worth watching:


One thought on “at least some people can exercise their right of return…

  1. You think American drones caused the exodus of those refugees? Is that an “lol at your ignorance” item? Or are you deliberately misrepresenting the facts?

    Just out of curiosity, do you really think a personal blog is an appropriate venue for propagandizing people?

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