this is how the zionist entity treats palestinian children

apparently, palestinian children in jerusalem scare the zionist terrorist colonists who occupy that city. two disturbing news items of note from today:

1. Israeli authorities decided to shut down the offices of the Nidal Center for Community Development in the old city of Jerusalem on Wednesday. Israeli forces raided the offices and ordered employees to evacuate their offices.

The center was shut down because Israel claims it poses a “security threat”. According to the closure order that was posted on the doors of the center the center will be closed until the 11th of August.

The Health Works Committees, of which the Nidal center is an affiliate, says “the closure is part of an Israeli campaign against the holy city of Jerusalem aimed at judaizing the city”.

The Nidal center is not the only center that has recently been closed down by the Israeli authorities. Around a month ago a similar closure order was presented to the Palestinian African Community Center, based inside the old city next to the Al-Aqsa compound.

2. A group of Arab summer camp children were banned from entering Temple Mount in Jerusalem while wearing their camp t-shirts.

When the children arrived at Temple Mount wearing their orange summer camp shirt, which read ”Al-Quds – Arab Culture Capital,’ police officers told them that if they wish to enter, the shirts must come off.

The incident took place Tuesday when children from the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Tzur Baher toured Jerusalem’s Old City as part of their summer camp activities. However, what should have been an enjoyable day out quickly became a humiliating experience.

Fuad Abu Hamed, whose son was among the children, told Ynet that “The officers held them up at the entrance to Temple Mount for more than an hour and a half, and demanded (all children) take off their shirts…including the ones who didn’t have an undershirt”.

The camp’s guides tried to diminish the sense of humiliation for the children wearing no undershirts and quickly purchased clothes for them in the Old City.

Hamed says his son returned home wearing only an undershirt.

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