zionist cash for spies & settlers

here are some things the zionist entity is spending your good, american, hard-earned tax dollars on:

1. Intelligence agents have been offering young Palestinians cash bribes as incentive to spy for Israel during interrogation at military checkpoints near the West Bank city of Tulkarem.

A number of Palestinians told Ma’an that Israeli officers stopped their cars and detained the Ennav and Jabara checkpoints. While detaining the Palestinians at the checkpoints, the intelligence men offered cash and permits to enter Israel if they agreed to collaborate.

During the interrogation, the same young men said, they were asked about their income and social status. They were also asked to divulge their mobile phone numbers.

After refusing to cooperate, the men were released but given letters summoning them for further interrogation at the Israeli military headquarters south of Tulkarem.

The issue of collaborators is sensitive in Palestinian society, because information provided by Israel’s spies has often led to the arrest or assassination of political and military leaders.

2. Israel will offer more than $3,500 to any foreign Maccabiah participant who decides to stay, the Immigrant Absorption Ministry announced on Sunday.

The Maccabiah, often called “the Jewish Olympics,” has brought some 5,700 Jewish athletes and their coaches to Israel from all over the world in time for the opening ceremony on Monday in Ramat Gan.

For the first time, the Ministry for Immigrant Absorption is offering participants from abroad a special assistance package to the tune of nearly NIS 15,000 in addition to standard assistance given to immigrants.

The grant will include a one-time stipend of NIS 4,000 for sports equipment and a monthly stipend of NIS 1,200 for nine months during the first year in university or college for anyone beginning school before 2011. Additionally, the ministry will subsidize salaries given to the new immigrants by their employers for a period of 24 months.


One thought on “zionist cash for spies & settlers

  1. I think it bears repeating that Israel also offers $5,000 BP per person and 30,000 BP per family to all Iranian Jews…to relocate to Israel. There are 25,000 of them and virtually no takers.

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